Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Anniversary Trip to San Francisco! March 2008

I decided to add some pictures of our lovely one year anniversary trip to San Francisco. Although it was back in March, I wanted to post some pictures because it was such a fun trip! The picture below in the very famous "Lombard Street"... it is the windiest street in the world! It would be pretty annoying to live on that street though, because there are cars constantly driving down it just to "say they drove down Lombard Street!" ha ha. It was fun to see. My first impression of San Francisco was a really good one. The second I got off of the B.A.R.T., there was a GIGANCTIC Forever 21!! I could hear the angels singing I swear! I knew it was going to be a fun trip... even though I didn't end up buying one thing at Forever 21! :) 

Our legs were very sore and tired by the end of our trip from walking and biking up and down all of those hills for three days! We rode bikes from Fisherman's Wharf all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge and over to Salcilito. It was super fun and very tiring, especially for having the flu two nights before! :)
It was a great trip to celebrate our first year being married! We had an amazing first year and look forward to many many more together. It is so great to be married to someone that you can never get enough of. I love spending time with my gorgeous husband and am so excited to be with him for eternity!


  1. Cute pics. I loved the ones where you guys are standing at angles with the street. That must have been hard to hold yourselves so still like that to take those pics. What leg strength you must have!!!

  2. ohmygosh!! SOO good to hear from you! You and your hubby are too cute! I can't believe you're look amazing (congrats by the way..on looking amazing AND on getting married ;) I talk to Ashley every so often and she's kept me up on the happenings. Rumor has it you're in Mesa, is that right? We're in Gilbert, I would love to see you and Tara if you're ever out this way, keep in touch!

  3. Oh those World Famous Sundays are to die for! It makes me want to go back there! I am on the next plane after seeing that pic! Looks like you had a blast! Love the crab-hat pic! You make it look hot! adda-girl! too funny!