Friday, August 8, 2008

San Diego Vacation 2008

                      The picture of the house below was a house we saw in Rancho Santa Fe that we        really liked! It looks super cute and cozy and I love all the grass, tree's and vines around it. I  wouldn't mind driving that cute car either! :) ... Just dreaming... for now. :)
                      Check out the driveway to this house! Wouldn't that be so amazing to drive up         every day to get home?
                    This is one of our favorite restaurants ever. I didn't like seafood until I tried Anthony's halibut! It's pretty tasty! 

We had so much fun with Steve's family in California. The picture below is the view from Steve's grandparents house where we stayed at. We started our vacation out with going to Knotts Berry Farm and than drove down to Del Mar for the rest of the week and hung out at the beach, sun bathed, went to the San Diego temple, my favorite temple ever, with Nick and Lori and Tanner. We also drove around and looked at gorgeous dream homes in Rancho Santa Fe, ate lots Roberto's, saw a couple of movies and went shopping ( I bought nothing....which is unusual for shopping in Cali!) All in all, it was a really nice, relaxing summer getaway. I'M READY TO                                                                                       GO BACK RIGHT NOW!


  1. Don't you just LOVE California? Me too. :) Cute swimsuit by the way!

  2. Hey Erin!! You guys look like you had a ton of fun!! Love the pics!

  3. Love the cute blog (way to go girly)! We just got back from San Diego and we want to go back right now too!! Such a blast!

  4. Oh fun times! I love the swimmy too! Yeah we got a house over in Mt. Ridge ward ....we love it! Amy & I are throwing a blog party soon also so plan on west sid'n it up in the near future! I will keep you posted!