Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today is NieNie Day!

Words cannot describe the love and compassion I feel for the Nielson family. To be able to cope with the tragedy that has recently happened in their family is incomprehensible. I feel so honored to be affiliated with such strong, caring, and powerful people. In honor of Christian and Stephanie, who are recovering and in need of about a years work of medical help and surgeries, we are declaring today the official NieNie Day!!! There is a silent auction that is going on today and 100% of the proceeds will go to Christian and Stephanie's fund! What a great way to get people involoved and help support NieNie and Christian! If you want to donate, go to to find out more info and details on how it all works. Anything would be appreciated! Hooray for NieNie Day!!
NieNie has inspired me to truly embrace womanhood and especially motherhood. She is the perfect example of a wife and mother that gives her family everything they need and she inspires me to be a cute, crafty, fun, and creative mother to my future children. She reminds me of a very retro 1950's mom. I LOVE her style! She is so classy yet simple and has a great attitude towards life. If anyone can make it through this, SHE CAN! It is so incredible to see all of the people's lives she has impacted all over the world! Everyone please keep them in your prayers. 


  1. Erin,
    I heard about Nie Nie and Christian and it is such a miracle they are alive. Nie Nie has the cutest blog in the world and you can tell she is such a wonderful mother, wife and friend. Their blog radiates the happiness they have in life and in their family and as a couple. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their family. They will pull through this with the Lord right beside them.
    All our love!

  2. what a neat lady...prayers! and i am SAD that i missed the bidding on neinei day! :(