Monday, September 15, 2008

Steve's 26th Birthday

Steve started his day off with Jase (Lori's little boy) coming over to play and wrestle around with him while we worked on his favorite breakfast. Isn't his morning hair cute??
Lori and I tag teamed and both worked on Mountain Man breakfast. It's one of our favorite meals for breakfast. It is eggs, hash browns, and maple sausage with melted cheese on top! 
On Sunday night, we went over to Steve's parents house for his birthday party. I got Steve a MacBook Pro (it's a lap top) for his birthday. It wasn't a surprise for him because he built it the way he wanted it when I ordered it, but he was still really excited! 
He is like a little kid when it comes to playing with computers. Here he is setting it all up, I love to see how excited he gets when he gets new "toys"!  :)
Steve also really wants to get into road biking! His parents bought him all of his new road biking gear for his birthday! Thanks Ralph and Shari! He is pretty excited!

He also picked out all of this stuff, so it wasn't a surprise... but he was super excited! It is hard to surprise this guy!

Little Miss Kambri helped Steve open all of his presents...
            And blow out his candles on his birthday cake! Shari made "Barbie Cake"... yes it looks like a girl cake, but man it was tasty! It was Strawberry cake with a strawberry cream cheese frosting! Anyway, I hope my Stevie liked his birthday! We all had tons fun! Love you Steve!


  1. Looks like you had an awesome birthday. Happy Birthday, Steve. You & Colton have to share ideas for your birthday dinner at my house. Give him a call, he's got some "interesting" ideas. Use your magic, sway him!! :)

  2. Happy happy birthday!!! Can't wait to have our birthday bash for you and Colton!!! I got you a sports car!!! :)

  3. hey Erin!! your blog is adorable and you guys are the cutest couple ever! I hope Steve had a great birthday....

    Tell Lori to get started on her BLOG!!!

  4. Looks like Steve's b-day was a big success even if he did know what all his presents were :)

  5. I love your blog, it is super cute! What website did you use for it?

  6. Happy birrth-diggity to the hub! looks like he is a spoiled boy! lol ! That is so cool he is getting into riding! what a great healthy hobby!

  7. You guys are wayy tooo cute! Im so glad youre blogging! I love finding new blogs....its a nice way of being informed of peoples lifes without having to snoop....or maybe it is snooping...i don't know! Anyways, I saw you the sunday that Tara blessed Ava and wanted to say hi, but Im in the nursery now, so I had to leave quickly...bummer! Looks like you guys are doing good :)