Monday, December 1, 2008

Thankful for Thanksgiving!

I must say, I have a lot to catch up on from Thanksgiving weekend! We had quite the eventful weekend! Steve and I got to have Thanksgiving with both of our families! It was so wonderful! The only people missing from my family was Tara and Aaron's family unfortunately, but hopefully we will all get together again in the future!
This is Steve's Dee Dee and Pop Pop (my father-in-law's parents).
Kristie and Patty and Jeff came along too! I didn't get a picture of Patty though, sorry Papoo!
Kylee is admiring her Papa! My nieces and nephews definitely have my dad wrapped around their little fingers!
My beautiful mother-in-law getting everything ready for our yummy feast!
My father-in-law, Ralph, is cutting the turkey and I have to say that Shari made the best turkey I have ever tasted in my life! It was so tender and juicy!
Lori made a scrumptious dessert that had pumpkin cake, vanilla pudding, homemade whipped cream drizzled with homemade caramel on top! Yum yum!
My Grandma Weathersby and my hot sister Krista posing for the camera!
This is Steve's Mimi. She reminds me so much of Marjorie Hinckley! Cutest lady on the planet! I want to be like her when I grow up because she is always so happy and positive!
We all played Zilch with Steve's Dee Dee and I totally rocked the house! I am proud to say that I totally beat every body by thousands! ha ha
Steve and I being silly as usual! That's why we have such a great marriage! We are always being goofy and laughing!
Kylee is definitely a Nana's girl! She is so cute! When my mom holds her, Kylee pats her on the arm like she's telling her "Good Nana!"
Jase kept attacking Kylee and trying to hug and kiss her! She was so confused! They were so adorable together!
On Friday we went on a quad ride with my parents, Tara and Aaron and their family and Cindy and Daniel (my parents neighbors). Rodger and Dana brought their two grand daughters and their sweet Polaris Ranger! That thing rocks!
Steve's trying to decide what to snack on!
Colton and my Dad posing on their quad!
It was so fun riding on the back of the quad with Steve and holding onto his buff chest all day long! My idea of a perfect day! ;)
Ava was all bundled up for our ride!
Dana brought their adorable little dog, Pickles, along! 
My Mom and Ava chilling and enjoying the beautiful weather!
We found a nasty HUGE tarantula spider in the middle of the trail when we were on our quads! Colton was brave enough to get close enough to get a close up picture of it! He then yelled "THAT WAS SO WICKED!!" Wicked meaning-- AWESOME!! 
That shot gun was so darn heavy! But really fun to shoot!
Steve's new favorite thing is shooting! Look how hot and manly he looks! :)
My Dad and Steve shooting clay pigeons at the same time! 
Now look how hard core Steve is... he's shooting his 9mm gangster style! Yeah, thats my man! :)
Ava is the happiest baby on earth! I just love that little girl!
We all went out for mexican food afterwards. Ellie and I were buddies that night! She told me that I was "Cute and funny and fun!" Wow, what a compliment from a six year old!
Steve is so cute with babies! He was kissing Ava's neck and she smiled so big every time! We all had such a great weekend! It was so much fun spending time with family and friends! The weather was great, the food was very yummy, and we were surrounded with the people that we love the very most! Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! 


  1. It was a fun weekend!! I'm glad we got to spend Thanksgiving with you guys! Looks like you guys had fun shootin' and quad riding! Next year I'll join in on the fun... I just made plans already. Love you guys!!

  2. Thanksgiving was fun! Wish Billy could have been there longer (instead of the ER). Wish we could have gone on the fun quad ride. Next time for sure :)

  3. Hey its sounds like it was a fantastic weekend. I've always wanted to go quading. Hey, tell Lori that I want that recipe ASAP, and the ones that go along with it(carmel syrup, whip cream, etc)! Looked GREAT! bet it tasted better than it looked.

  4. Good times...good times. It was such a fun weekend. I'm so thankful for such a wonderful family. Oh, and you are cute, fun, and funny!

  5. What a fun time you all had. Cute pictures. I love blogging because it makes it possible to join in even when you're not there. Thanks, Erin for the great're good at this!!!
    Love, Aunt KATHY

  6. Ahhh Ava is so cute! I just want to squeez her! Look like Turkey day was a success! Yay For the fam!