Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Week

Last week was a fun and busy one! I was so excited to see Liz! She came down from San Diego for her baby shower! Steve and I went out to dinner at our favorite place (La Grande Orange) on Friday night with her and her hubby! It was tons of fun to see them! I think I am having serious Liz with drawls right now... and I secretly hope they will move back... hint hint.
From left to right is Mary, Diane, Alice, Liz, Debbie, Helena and me.
On Sunday we went to Steve's cousin John and his wife Andrea's baby's blessing. Their baby Carter and our baby are only five days apart! How fun is that? Andrea made Parker his little tie onezie that he is wearing and it even has a little "P" on it!
That night we went to my parents house for Sunday dinner! Everyone calls dibs on Parker the second we walk in the door. Do you think he is loved? And I have to say that his Aunt Krista is the one that made him smile in the picture below!
Parker got to hang out with his Mimi last week while I did a clients hair that is getting married this Saturday! He always likes to hang with his Mimi!
Where's Parker?
I could just eat him up.
He's getting cuter by the minute.


  1. Erin you are so beautiful! I wish that I lived near you, so I could get my hair cut by you... I just know that you would do great!

  2. I love this post. You have some way fun pics of Parker. He's getting so much personality now. And you're wrong, he's not getting cuter by the minute... it's by the second! ;D

  3. Also, I like the new name of the blog!

  4. Parker is so adorable I can't take it! I can't wait to see him tomorrow!

  5. Ok Parker come to me NOW!! I need to mug on you right away! I love the pics they are ALL so adorable! I loved his tie onsie and how big he was smiling at Krista on Sunday it was just to cute! So I would like to go ahead and through out there that I want to hold Parker first on Sunday since I only had him for MAYBE 5 minutes on Sunday. :( That is just not enough time with Parker boy!

  6. i love those pictures! especially the towel pictures!

  7. Sounds like a busy week. Parker is too cute! I love the pictures of his room. I am doing old fashion trucks and planes for Ethan's big boy room too. I love little boy's. Hey sorry about the block on my blog. I realized I miss typed in several peoples email addresses. I am glad to see I did it correctly this time.