Thursday, October 8, 2009

Parker's Blessing Day

Parker's blessing started out with a kick-- My mom and Aunt Kristie showed up wearing the same exact outfit! It was hilarious! They screamed and then started laughing hysterically when they saw each other! Luckily Kristie lives right around the corner so she went home and changed!
Parker looked so dang cute in his blessing tuxedo!
None of the pictures came out of my family at the church after the blessing because of the sun's glare on the camera, so this is the best one that I got.
Steve's family picture came out nicely though I must say!
We had a lovely brunch at our house after the blessing. It was super yummy and tons of fun to visit with family and friends! We also had breakfast pizza and egg/sausage casserole! It was delicious!
I had to post this picture of Krista and Tara... I love Krista's "zoolander" pose! She's a funny one!
I have to give Lori a shout out because she helped out so much with the brunch! I got terribly sick the week of his blessing so she picked up all of my groceries at Costco, made two sausage/egg casseroles, helped wash fruit and even lent me all of her beautiful glass and crystal wear to display the food! What a good sister-in-law/next door neighbor! Thanks Lori!
I thought this picture was adorable of Jase, Kollin and Kambri jamming out on the piano!
Our happy family and newly blessed baby boy!
We sure love our little Parker boy! Can't wait to celebrate the holiday's with him!


  1. So cute!! And I'm SO-O-O-O glad you did not post that picture of me and Jim. Jim looked great but I looked HORRID. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! And if you ever do post that picture--you will pay dearly. Just a warning.

  2. I'm so glad you posted pictures of the blessing day. I was so sad not to be there. To tell you the truth I started to cry a little when I saw the picture of all our family there and all of my family missing. Couldn't help it though Brayden wanted to come out :) Parker looks so adorable in is tux!!! I also thought it was hilarious that Kristie and Mom had on the exact same outfit :)

  3. I think we should have kept the same outfits on, but Kristie wouldn't do it! It was a good day, yummy food, good group of people, and one very adorable baby being blessed!

  4. It was such a sweet blessing and such a fun brunch after! Parker looked so cute in his tuxedo!

  5. What an exciting time--wish we could be there, but thanks for that picture of Kristy and your mom--Hilarious!!!

  6. That was a fun day! You did a great job and everything was super yummy! Parker especially looked handsome in his little tux :)

  7. Erin - please stop being so gorgeous. You totally have dimples and I never noticed that before! Parker is looking so adorable. I just want to hold him!!!!

  8. Erin... Erin... Erin... I am going to find some pictures of you and post those too... next time let me approve. :) And I agree that Parker baby looked ADORABLE in his outfit!

  9. What a beautiful day! All the food looks so yummy! Parker looks adorable in his tuxedo!!