Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Christmas To Remember

We took a picture by our tree so that I can remember how beautiful it looked (considering Parker will be walking next year and our tree will only be decorated from the middle up!)
We sure had a great Christmas!
Last week, we went to Aunt Kathy's annual Christmas party at her new house in Queen Creek. We ate soup and yummy treats, had a Christmas program with singing and jokes, talked, ate some more, and watched old home videos of my mom's family growing up. It was a blast!
There's always a battle between Papa and Aunt Krista for Parker. In this picture Parker reached for Papa and Krista was not too excited about it!
Parker fell in love with Ava's Christmas puppy stuffed animal and would not let go. He reached for it and then nuzzled his face into it and kissed it.... Tara was kind enough to give it to him because she couldn't bear to see his face if she took it away from him! It's his favorite stuffed animal!
On Christmas Eve, we went to Great Mimi's house for her annual Christmas Eve party. We ate lunch and had another program, and then everyone got to open their gifts from Mimi and Grandpa. This is Parker trying to unwrap his very first gift! It was adorable!
He loved his new car! He is a natural behind the steering wheel just like his father! It kept him entertained for a long time!
Later that night, we went to Steve's parents house to get our matching Christmas pajama's. Afterwards, we ate more treats and then watched Fred Claus-- which was a pretty funny movie I must say!! If you haven't seen that one, I would highly recommend you watch it next year!
The kids looked SO cute in their matching pajama's!
The next morning, we opened gifts at our house and then headed back to my in-laws to open more presents. Parker was pretty good at trying to unwrap his gifts! He was definitely SPOILED for Christmas from both sets of grandparents!!
Where's Parker? Can Anyone find him?
This seems to be the usual thing that happens when we get to my parents house... Papa and Krista competing over who gets to hold Parker first... :)
When the day came to an end, Parker boy was so tired! He laid on the floor with Krista for a long time and told her about his Christmas while he played with his new giraffe stuffed animal. It was definitely a Christmas to remember!


  1. Looks like you had a good christmas and your tree is beautiful!! :D

  2. This was a great Christmas! Parker looked so cute driving his toy!! What a natural!! And just so you know... Parker LOVES to be wit is Auntie Krista over his Papa!! hehe!!

  3. That was a great Christmas! Parker is so cute. Christmas is so much better when you have your own little ones to watch enjoy it. Next year he'll be so cute to watch at Christmas. Love all the pics :)

  4. I missed this post for some reason. I loved all the pics and your cute comments about each one. Parker is adorable and for such a young baby, he sure seemed to 'get it'. He is so observant and looks so cute with that little car. It was a great Christmas!

  5. I loved it when he was driving his "car"! The love of cars must run in the genes! He looks so adorable in his pj's. It was so cute to watch him with that giraffe. Love you Parker boy!

  6. Merry Christmas! Your tree is lovely and your boy is so adorable:)

  7. Erin you look so beautiful in all these pictures!!!