Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mike & Lindsay are finally hitched!

We had a crazy busy, fun packed Thanksgiving weekend! Mike and Lindsay got married! It was such a beautiful wedding! they have been together for about four years now, so we have all definitely been waiting for their wedding day for a long time now! we are so happy for the two of them. It was an absolutey beautiful sealing and their reception was a ball... reminded me of my wedding almost three years ago (because it was in my in-laws back yard.)

The picture below is of all of us waiting for the newlyweds to come out of the temple. It started raining a little bit but luckily it cleared up for the reception!
Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Lindsay Larsen!
All of the Larsen boys striking a pose!
Lindsay's colors were teal and brown. Everything turned out absolutely stunning!
I thought this was a cute picture of them with all of their nieces and nephews. (Notice Parker's little teal tie... it was a bit too big, but he's so cute--he pulled it off!) :)
Congratulations Mike and Lindsay!
It's so great to "officially" have you in the family!


  1. Such a beautiful couple and such a beautiful reception! We're very happy for them.

  2. E.. what a beautiful wedding. You all looked gorgeous. I love your hair. I am going to be in a wedding in Feb. and I think I want my hair like yours. How do you get that nice suddle bump towards the back where your hair is pulled together? Any tips? I sometimes get my hair sorta like that.. but I'm thinking I have a flat head ;)cuz it never works out just right..

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! That discribes the entire post! Sorry we missed it! You all look so great! Congrats to the wonderful couple :) Can't wait to see more pictures...also Parker is so adorable I can barely stand it! Love you Parker boy!

  4. The reception was so much fun and had the yummiest food/hot chocolate ever! I wish you had some pics of Colton busting a move on the dance floor...that was awesome! You of coarse look super cute, like always! I love weddings! Congrats Lindsey and Mike!

  5. It really did turn out so beautiful! We couldn't be happier for them and her choice- what a great family the Larsen's are!

  6. They look so happy!! And YOU look HOT!!!!!!