Monday, January 11, 2010

Newport Wedding

Tanner and Meredith got married in the Newport Beach temple last weekend. It was absolutely beautiful!! I love this picture of them posing with Parker boy. He is such a stud muffin. :)
The bride and groom were so happy and in love! It was fun to be able to see another brother-in-law tie the knot! Way to go Tanner for finding such a beautiful bride!
I just love this kid!
This picture makes me laugh. It was so hard to get all of the children to look at the camera at the same time-- and with a smile on their face. Kambri's face is absolutely priceless! Every time I look at this picture, I laugh!
Mike's mission buddies drove nine hours from BYU to come to the wedding and to have another dance party! These two single guys (for any of you ladies looking for someone special) are probably the funniest guys I have ever met! We were so excited to have another dance party!
We danced the night away! Man it was fun!
Congrats you two little love birds!
Thanks for the fun time! We are so excited to have another girl in the family. Love you Tanner and Meredith!

Stay tuned for the cutest pictures ever of Parker... you won't want to miss them... I'll just give you a hint on how cute they will be-- he rode on an airplane and went to the beach for the first time! :) I swear that kid gets cuter by the second!


  1. Looks like another successful Larsen wedding! I'm looking forward to the next post and the adorable pics!

  2. Erin.. you are right, I think your little Parker DOES get cuter by the second... he is sooo adorable :)

  3. I feel like there's a Larsen event every weekend! :) Parker looks so cute in his orange tie!

  4. I love Parker and his awesome tie! He is so so cute! Congrats to Tanner and Merideth! By the way you look beautiful I love your hair!

  5. Hi Erin! You are so great at updating your blog! i need to get with it. It was fun seeing you guys and I will look forward to stopping by your blog again to see what you guys are up to. And I feel your pain about flying with babies. Why do you think we moved west?!

  6. You and Parker look so cute in that third picture!! I could just eat him up right now!!! hehe!!

  7. You all look fabulous and look like you had a beautiful time! Newport Beach ROCKS!! So my favorite part of the post was the bride's ROCKIN and I mean ROCKIN Tangerine shoes!! Very sassy, very clever and very cute! Well done.