Friday, January 29, 2010

Sick Baby

My sweet little Parker boy is sick. I was up with him most of the night because he just wanted to be held. Even though he was so sick, he still looked up at me with his big, blue puppy dog eyes and smiled and touched my face while I rocked him. It made me cry. He just wanted his mama and even though I was so exhausted, I was okay with that.
His cough is so sad. It sounds deep and painful.
I am constantly wiping his nose, before it drips into his mouth, and he hates it!
And he had his first fever last night-- 100.8.
But he still manages to have a smile on his face most of the time. I wish I were as tough as him.
I love you Parker. I'm going to make you all better don't worry. I'm taking as much vitamin C and immune builders as I can to give it to you through my milk.
Get well soon... very soon please, so we can play again like this:




  1. I hope your little Parker gets well soon.. you are such a good mommy. ;)

  2. So sad. I feel like all my grandchildren are sick right now. Did they all get together on this? I'll add him to my prayers... the list is growing. Hope he's better soon.

  3. Amen to mom's comment...ALMOST ALL her grandkids are sick. Today I took Mattie and Brayden to the dr and they both have to have breathing treatments because they have broncitis. Brayden has a little fluid in his lungs so his cough is HORRIBLE! I know what you mean about the little sleep thing. It is the pits having all 3 kids sick and your husband working nights but I just keep plugging along. I'll Parker in my prayers and hope he feels better soon!

  4. poor little parker! but sooo sweet! It's amazing how much love you can have for your sweet baby....even when they are demanding! I LOVE just holding Mayli and rocking her!! there are times I get teary eyed too just thinking of the blessing that they are in our liveS!!!!!

  5. Parker I hope you feel better real soon so you can come and visit your buddy Emmett. Erin I just love his beautiful eyes and those eye lashes... Holy Cow!

  6. sick babies are no fun. I hope he gets better soon!! Isn't it cool what we can learn from even little babies?

  7. Poor lil guy!! That is the worst! I hope he gets better soon!!! :)

  8. Hey Erin! This is the link to my blog:
    And thanks again for doing my hair. It looks amazing : )