Friday, March 19, 2010

Beautiful Ride!

We finally took the Polaris Ranger out for a ride! Steve was excited that he got to pull the ranger on his truck... until we got on the freeway and when we hit about 60 mph it about flipped over! We looked in our rear view mirrors and it was rocking back and forth like crazy! Steve was able to slow down and pull over safely thank heavens! And my dad was about wetting his pants in the truck ahead because he saw it all happen! Phew! They solved the problem by reversing it and pulling it backwards (I guess there was too much weight on the back.) Let's just say, we definitely had angels watching over us that day! That could have been really bad!!
Gracie was able to enjoy her time on the side of the freeway and pick some flowers. :)
And we were able to snap a couple of cheesy mother-daughter shots!
Parker sure loved the ride! He was so good all day. He was in heaven getting dirty and feeling the wind in his face! He is definitely a boy thats for sure!
The desert was absolutely breath taking! It's amazing how fast it turns green after the rain. I never really appreciated the desert very much until that gorgeous day!
Ava was so cute! She rode in the front with my parents and was so good too! We were all eating potato chips and she would stick up her little hand in the air for Tara to hand her one. She wouldn't even make a peep, she would just hold it there until Tara noticed. It was so precious!
We were all very dirty! When we got back to my parents house, we gave Parker boy a little bath and he was out like a light the second we put him in the car! Thanks mom and dad for the fun time! We can't wait to go again!


  1. Oh my gosh! He's so cute sitting in that big bathtub!!! That was such a fun day, I loved it!!!!!

  2. Sounds so fun! I am glad that everything was okay, and angels were watching over you! Oh.. and your little man in the tub.. so adorable... seriously can he get any cuter?! ;0)

  3. So fun!!! We went on our ride with them on Thurs and it was a blast also! I can't wait until we ALL get to go at the SAME time. Parker's hat is perfect for this event! I love how small he looks in the big bath :)

  4. That was such a fun day! We definitely need to do a repeat :)