Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playin' at Nana's

Parker and Ava are best buds! They like to do all of the same things... except Parker isn't crawling yet so he can't quite keep up with her. She just loves him and is always so sweet to him. I love how she talks to him in a squeaky, high pitched voice!
She wanted him to wear her flower and he was obliged.
She even found two chairs they could sit in that were just their sizes! 
Parker thinks his Nana is pretty funny!
He was very proud of himself that he could sit in his own chair.
I love that drool faced boy.
He needed some great-grandma time. She had fun showing him how to clap his hands... he still doesn't get how to do it quite yet, but he thinks it's funny!
He sure loves his aunt Krista! I love this picture of them! She is going to make a great mother some day!
This picture makes me want to take a bite out of his cheeks!
And those eyes... I have a feeling he is going to get away with a lot of stuff with those eyes!
How are you so cute???


  1. I love the pictures of him sitting on the chair. He's such a big boy!

  2. He is so stinkin' cute Erin!! Those eyes are gorgeous and I think you are right that they will get him out of trouble more than a few times. Enjoy the no crawling stage still, because mine is walking and so now I have 2 little ones that get into everything!! ha ha!!

  3. He is so adorable!! He and his little cousin have such perfect eyes. Too cute!

  4. All those pictures are so cute! Your right about Krista she is a great aunt and will be an amazing mother! I love the pictures of Parker feeling like such a big boy with Ava ;)

  5. Seriously, he is adorable!! It is ridiculous! And I absolutely LOVE the picture of him and Krista. Completely precious and yes she is going to make an amazing mama someday- no doubt.

  6. I think you need to update the picture at the top of your blog to include that cute boy of yours!

  7. HE IS ADORABLE!!! Oh my gosh, seriously! So beautiful!!

  8. he is sooo cute erin. seriously. his eyes are just so big and bright! and about the bottle was really truly answered prayers that she took it. I was soo worried about getting her to be able to take it because she would always fight it. but i prayed so hard that day that she could because her life depended on it :) ok maybe thats a little bit of an exaggeration. but, i did get her nice and hungry....and took her outside (different from where she normally eats) and she was watching some other kids she was a little distracted. and i was standing up. because as soon as i sit down she would automatically turn and arch her back to get to food! so i think i pulled a quick one on her and mixed it up :) she actually really likes it now, that she realizes she gets food (and a lot quicker too) out of a bottle.

  9. I love all the pictures!! They are both adorable and they will both get out of trouble over and over because of those eyes!