Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vintage Car and Airplane Show

We went to the car and airplane show at Falcon Field last Saturday with Jon and Andrea and Carter. It was fun... but SO HOT!! I'm not ready for Arizona summers... but on the bright side, I'm excited to swim with Parker this summer!
Steve's cousin, Jon, and him were best buds growing up. It's so fun that our boys are only five days apart!
Parker's new thing is stringing his bottom lip like a guitar...
and he'll even string yours too if you stick your bottom lip out!

I had to take a picture of this car because it boggled my mind that anyone could see out of this windshield while driving! It was so tiny!
We picked up take out lunch at Tia Rosa's and ate it over at Steve's parents house so the boys could play. Parker is army crawling all over the place now and Carter is crawling up on his hands and knees! They were pretty excited to play together!
What mom?? Why do you look surprised to see me crawling around with Carter? I'm a big boy now!
They sure grow fast... how does that work? 


  1. He is getting bigger all the time. Crawling, then walking, and then into everything!

  2. He's getting around really well now. I can't believe how much he grows each time I see him!

  3. SO fun!! Parker I love you!! You can come string Aunt Brianne's lower lip :) (I won't even have to cut your fingernails first

  4. Love reading your blog - you are such a great mom. Where did you get those shorts you are wearing? I am searching for some and I really like yours.

  5. So, I have to comment... First of all, Erin... I love your blog. Second of all, I have a friend with a little boy named Parker... who was born 4 days before my son... Carter! Funny!