Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Shower Time!

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I have been so crazy busy! I had hair appointments, a sick baby, house cleaning, oh and then I got the stomach flu, and then a baby shower at my house last night for Rachelle! It was one crazy week! The shower turned out really cute and was a lot of fun! I thought I would post some pictures. I loved the colors! Rachelle has THREE boys and is having her FIRST girl!  We were so thrilled to shower her and her little cupcake with the most girly things we could find!
They are naming their baby Kenzington but they will call her "Z"... so cute! Lindsay made a diaper cake and put Z as her initial since that is what she will go by.
We went with a "sweets" theme... can you tell?
Of course we had some healthy food.... but had to include fruit dip (that's the best part right?)
We made an assortment of different cupcake flavors: lemon, chocolate with cream cheese frosting, and strawberry shortcake!

We love Rachelle!
Ooooohhhh I could eat one of those right now...
Just so you know-- my DAD frosted a lot of the cupcakes! He did a better job than me! I didn't know he had such talent! I look at him in a whole new light now! Good job dad! And thank you mom and dad for all of your help with Parker and setting up!

We had to get a picture of the four of us! Thanks for the great time girls! (And I must give a shout out to Heather, Morgan and Amy for all of your help too! You ladies are amazing!)
I hope I get to have a little girl some day! There are way too many cute girly things!


  1. I love the way everything turned out... sooooo cute! I'm going to steal the jelly bean jar idea. Very unique! Love it. Dad was pretty good at frosting those cupcakes. I think he did it so he could have one... or two. Hee hee.

  2. The shower turned out adorable. How fun for Rachelle. I'm jealous that her due date is just around the corner!

  3. SO CUTE!! That was an adorable theme!! Love the cupcakes and all those great decorations. Good to know about dad's hidden talent for future reference. :) You look great by the way!!! Love you!!

  4. love it! turned out great! can you throw a shower for ME!?!? hahah!

  5. Well, that looks like a fun shower!! You did an amazing job! You said you love Rachelle, I bet Rachelle loves you guys, too! You're a good friend, Erin.

  6. Wow I love all the showers you through. Very cute!