Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mormon Lake

What a weekend! We joined my family up at the Sheriff's Posse ride at Mormon Lake. It was so beautiful! Parker was just thrilled to be up there! Can you tell?
He got to see and do all sorts of new things like ride in an old wagon (not really but he got to sit in one!)

This picture melts my heart!
He loves being crazy and silly with his mommy and daddy!
Here we are looking at the buffalo. Parker was pretty mesmerized!
I think he has more fun with his daddy though because he's a little more wild and crazy than me!

These boys are my world!
Dad and Aaron sipping their lemonade while dinner was cooking
Parker was happy as can be watching all the kids play and checking out everything going on!
Parker and Ava were so excited to see each other when they woke up in the morning! They loved sleeping in the same trailer!
We had fun watching the horse competitions!
This one was probably the cutest-- notice the baby is riding a wooden horse... can you tell these proud parents are a little excited for him to ride horses??
Parker's face had so much snot and dirt on it. I finally gave up wiping it off (it's all a part of the camping experience right?)
He loved munching on his veggie straws while watching the rodeo!
But man he was exhausted! Thanks to his Aunt Tara, she was able to get a little nap!
He was so excited to get on the horse with his Papa! He kept doing his excited face and touching the horses mane.
We had one tired little cowboy. He definitely slept good that night when we got home!
We sure had a fun time!


  1. i LOVE mormon lake! that looks like so much FUN! i am JEALOUS!

  2. JEALOUS! I wanted to be there with my baby! I miss him like no other! COME OVER!!

  3. First- I stole that pic of your boys that "melts your heart". Soooo cute!

    Second- He is so adorable in his little western attire!

    Third- It's bison not buffalo... just sayin'. I was corrected, so I'm correcting you now (although, I really don't think it matters... same thing. I just have to correct someone else. ;D )

  4. It was such a blast! I loved how excited Parker was on the horse! He loved being outside :) I especially loved when he fell asleep on Aunt Tara!!

  5. These pictures are so adorable!! Looks like you guys had a great time.

  6. SO GLAD you guys made it! That was a fun weekend. I fav part was when Parker and Ava woke up and realized the other one was there and was so excited :) That was so cute!