Friday, July 2, 2010

New Obsession

That's right... my 11 month old is now obsessed with our laptop! It's happening to me now Raegan! Steve thought it would be fun to let Parker play this really cute fisher price toddler game on his laptop. Parker was so excited he was slamming his hands on every key so fast that he seriously changed settings on our computer, renamed files, and found about 20 short cuts to different programs! Steve of course thought he was a genius for "figuring" out how to do all of those cool things with his laptop... until he had to figure out how to undo them all! 
He's looking at me like "What Mom? This is serious business. I have a lot of work to do on my computer! I don't have time for a photo shoot right now!"
This picture is blurry because he was crawling as fast as lighting (not a joke) to get to the laptop!
Now he seriously thinks that the laptop is his-- like he has dibbs on it now!
He is definitely his fathers child because they both have a love for technology! I have a feeling Parker might be teaching Steve a few things about computers in the not too distant future! :) 


  1. There is something about little boys and technology! I am still pulling Dylan away from every electronic thing we own!! :) He loves it all! Like father like son I guess! :)

  2. Parker is so cute! And he looks very smart with that computer.
    I like to let Michael roam around in just a diaper too, I mean it's summer time, right? It makes them look like little rascal-boys, and I love it! I can't believe they will be a year old in just a few short weeks.

  3. He IS a genius!!! I knew he would end up that way, he copies his dad. He'll probably really make Steve know HIS stuff, because he's going to have to 'undo' a lot of things on 'Parker's laptop' until Parker really does know how to use it... in a couple of months or so. Ha ha ha.

  4. This is just the beginning! I am sooooooo sorry. You just might have a little Ryan on your hands...Heaven help you! :)

  5. To funny! I love that it is now "Parker's" laptop :) Seriously I love all these pics!!

  6. haha!! I was laughing hard at him! I can just imagine how he thinks that laptop is "his"... he's so cute! Love it! Love it! Love it!!