Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 2: Palmyra, New York

It was very humbling experience to see where the prophet Joseph Smith grew up in Palmyra, New York. I don't know how such a big family all lived in such a small log cabin. It did seem very cozy though.
When we walked upstairs, I was so overwhelmed with the Spirit because I was standing in the very room that the angel Moroni appeared to Joseph when he was only 14 years old. They slept three boys to a bed and these beds were tiny! I can't imagine what it was like for Joseph when he was awoken by an angel three times in the middle of the night and was told the exact same message every time. It just strengthened my testimony of our individual worth and how the message was only meant for Joseph and no one else in the room. 
 This picture shows how tiny the room was with all of us standing in it.
The room below was the main gathering room downstairs where their family ate their meals and read from the Bible as a family.
This is a picture of the wood workshop where Joseph's father worked. After Joseph got the gold plates, he hid them from the mobs below the floor boards. He was attacked many times by robbers and thieves who were after the gold plates, but no one ever got a hold of them. After hiding them below the floor boards, he felt inspired to move them up onto the rafters, so he quickly followed that inspiration.
I think they said it was the very next day, the mobs came and destroyed the whole workshop and ripped up every floor board looking for the gold plates, but never thought to look up. They were right above their heads and were never touched. Just goes to show to always listen and act fast when you feel inspired to do something. The Lord's hand is in everything!
This is the house that Joseph's brother Alvin built for his future family, but sadly died before he could ever live in it. The Smith family lived in it for a short while (which was an upgrade from their tiny log cabin!)
Parker and Steve were having a bonding moment as we stood in the barn next to the workshop. Parker was trying to share his paci with his daddy... such a sweetie!
Here we are sitting on a little bench on our way to the sacred grove. I love Steve and Parker's smiles. :)
There was such an amazing spirit in the sacred grove. It was such a peaceful, sacred place to be. Parker kept looking up and waving and smiling (I think he could see things we couldn't angels perhaps!)
It was amazing to think that I was standing in the same place where Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I am so glad that I got to experience that.
The only downfall was that it was extremely hot and humid that day!! Steve held Parker as he slept in his arms at the end. It was a very fun but tiring day!
Our next stop was to the original printing press where the first Books of Mormon were published.
I couldn't believe how much work it took to print just one page! And to think they made 6,000 copies! Again, the Lord's hand is in everything! He will make anything happen when he wants something done!
Parker had fun playing out in the hallway with his Papa Ralph. And yes-- he is licking the glass... I didn't take this picture! :)
After we grabbed some pizza for lunch, we went and saw the Palmyra temple that was tucked back in the hills. It was beautiful! 
The last thing we saw was the Hill Cumorah where the golden plates were found. It was such beautiful country with such a sweet, sacred spirit. What a busy, but incredible day!
Next stop: Kirtland, Ohio! Stay tuned...


  1. Next year we're going to try to do a church history trip, but at least Nauvoo. This just gets me excited!!!

  2. I am so so jealous! This looks amazing! And Erin, you are just darling!

  3. Amazing! I want to go so bad! I bet the feeling of standing in the same place as Joseph Smith is awesome!!

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  5. Matt and I want to do all the church history stuff sometime. Thanks for posting the pics. It's almost like being there!

  6. I LOVE Palmyra!! But... I'm a little surprise you didn't get eaten alive in the grove. When I went pretty much ALL of us did! Looks like you guys had fun!