Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Boy!

Parker got his very own Cozy Coupe for his birthday from my parents. He LOVES it-- actually love might even be an understatement-- he's obsessed with it! 
He plays in or around it all day long. He will bring his toys with him in his car or he'll reach down the side of his car and play with his toys. It is so fun to see him play and entertain himself!
"Hmm.... what does this gear do?"
He even watches Baby Einstein while sitting in his car!
Another favorite toy is his new pal, Scout. It is a leap frog toy that I bought him at Target that you can plug into your computer and program his name and his favorite things and it sings songs about him. He fell in love with his friend, Bella's, so I had to get him one for himself. He hugs him, kisses him, and even dances and sings along with him!
My favorite is when Scout says "My favorite food is chicken nuggets!" or when it says "I love you Parker!" That one always makes him smile!
And last but not least, I had to post a picture of him watching Baby Einstein on the couch with his army shoes on (I'm so excited that they finally fit him!)
He is such a good, happy boy! My friend today commented on all of the pictures that I post of him and she said "You guys just play together! I love it!"... And my reply was "Yep-- he's my little buddy! We have fun together!" 

I love you Parker (even when you are whiny and cranky because you are teething right now!) You are such a good boy and I love having you as my son! Thanks for choosing me to be your mommy! I'll take care of you forever!



  1. I love the fact that you two play together, too. He's quite enamored with you, and you with him! He does look adorable in those army shoes, and I love the pic of him watching Baby Einstein in his car. Ha ha ha.

  2. He is so cute. I love that he watches tv in the car. That's so funny and adorable.

  3. He is so cute!! I love that he loves to play with his car and bear. I love it that he gives his teddy a kiss. SO ADORABLE!! I just love HIM!!!