Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding Time!

My beautiful friend Nina married her sweetheart Tim yesterday. It was a beautiful day to have an outside wedding at the Secret Garden!
 Nina and I have been friends for about six years now. We've worked in two different salons together (she did nails and I did hair) and she was always my best bud at work! We especially get along so well because we both share a love for food and especially GELATO! I can't even count the times we went for quick gelato runs over to The Gelato Spot-- yum! Nina has always been a good, loyal friend to me and I just love her to pieces!
 Come on, you knew I would have to make her do a cheesy glamour shot pose looking out the window gazing down at her soon to be husband! Isn't her dress beautiful?
 Here she is: walking down the isle with her father. She was glowing!
 I was a little (okay extremely) close to passing out during the ceremony... I think it had to do with wearing those painfully adorable shoes and I was starving! Not a good combo for a pregnant lady. I would have been mortified if I would have passed out during their ceremony so I was seriously praying that I would at least make it till after the ceremony (and I did, thank heavens!)
 We had to document our incredibly hot red shoes (because we all wanted documentation that we wore them... lets just say they weren't the most comfortable to stand in!) Don't they look sexy though with our brown dresses and red bouquets!? I especially love that my pregnant belly looks ginormous on the left! At least I look pregnant and not just bloated!
Thanks Nina for letting me be a part of your special day! You sure made a beautiful bride!


  1. Those are some hot shoes! I love that color combination.. so pretty!! Erin you as always look gorgeous. ;)

  2. Her dress was gorgeous and the shoes are way cute! Hey what's the girl's name you are standing next to?

  3. Thank you you Brianna! And Tiffany, the girls name that I was standing next to is Lindsay. Do you know her?? Sorry, I can't comment on your blog because somehow I erased your link on my sidebar and I can't get to it because it's private. Can you invite me again?

  4. You look stunning as always! I love Nina's dress!

  5. You look stunning! Only you could look that gorgeous when your prego ;) Looks like the wedding was beautiful too.