Friday, November 19, 2010


It was a very exciting day for little Parker a couple of weeks ago (I know, I'm a little late posting this!) We hopped in the truck and headed over to Freestone Park in Gilbert... he's smiling so big in this picture because 1. He loves riding in his daddy's truck and 2. He thought it was pretty cool to sit in the middle and he could see the road! Boys... so easy to please!
 When we got to the park, he walked around like he owned the place.
 It was so fun to see the look of excitement on his face as he watched all of the cool new things around him! I can't wait to see his face when we take him to Disneyland... (except Steve doesn't like Disneyland, but I think if Parker gives him his "puppy dog eyes" and asks if he can go someday, Steve will take him there in a second! He tries to play Mr. Tough Guy but he is as mushy and soft as they get! Ssshhh... don't tell.)
 He thought it would be way more fun to stand while driving this "crazy" car ride!
 My little adventurous boy. 
 Next up, was the duck pond. Parker's favorite song is the duck song! So he was thrilled to see real life ducks as we sang it to him! If you don't have kids yet and you're reading this... just wait-- once you become a parent, you will turn into cheese balls just like us!
 Another thing Parker is fascinated (or should I say rather obsessed) with is airplanes! He can hear them from miles away and even from inside our house! He hears a plane fly over our house, and he points up. It's so cute!
 Best buds.
 I forgot to mention that his Aunt Meredith came along for the adventure. Luckily she brought water to re-hydrate our little man. He was mighty thirsty! Thanks Meredith! I can't wait for our little boys to be buddies!
 He enjoyed every second of the train ride and just relaxed and soaked in the beautiful fall breeze in his hair.
We finished off our day by going to 7eleven and getting cherry icee's! Made me feel like a kid again! What a life. :)


  1. SO FUN! I Love how happy Parker is. He is so dang cute!!!!!!

  2. He looks so much older now and yet he has a pacifier hooked to his shirt to remind us that he's still a baby... don't get rid of it, I'm not ready for him not to be a baby anymore.

    PS- You take wonderful pictures!

  3. How fun!! I'm glad you took a bunch of pictures of this day! It looks like he had a blast with all the activities to do at the park!

  4. Such a fun day! Thanks for inviting me! I love that little munchkin!!!!!

  5. Such cute pictures! I love the look of excitement on his face. Such a cutie!

  6. He's getting so big and chubby!!! I love it! So cute!