Friday, January 7, 2011

My Little Trend-Setter

Parker is so helpful and decided he would style is own hair the other day. He squished the butter out of his toast and wiped it all over his head while eating breakfast. My kid is so resourceful!
 Mmm... yummy.
Here's a close up if you couldn't tell how much butter he applied.
 "Do you like my new look?"
 "Or do you like this look better?"
Such a boy!

And just so you know... it took about three or four washes to get all of that butter out! He was definitely a grease ball!


  1. He's really been doing some 'fun' things lately! I love the pic of his finger waaaaay up his nose. What will he think of next?

  2. Haha that is way too funny! I have a neighbor whose daughter took vaseline and put it in her hair. It was greasy like that for almost a week!

  3. Erin, these picts are great, love them all! Don't you love this age! They are so fun and cute!! Miss you! We should get the boys together and play. Wyatt loves friends.

  4. Hilarious! I Love the deep "gold digging" as grandpa would always say. Way to be resourceful Parker ! Love you!