Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Being A Big Brother

Parker loves his new baby brother. He runs up to him during the day and says "beebee!" and gives him a kiss on the head, it's precious. But-- he has been a little pill (to say the least) for us this week. I guess he is trying to adjust to the idea of having to share the attention with Hudson now. We have seen a lot more tantrums and acting up than ever before this week. 
 I love Parker's bed head... he had just woken up from his nap when we took this picture. :)
Parker is giving Hudson "bones" or some of you may call it "knuckles." Such a funny boy!
Now he's showing Hudson is eye. His new favorite thing is to point at his eye and say "eyyyyyyeeeee!" He especially likes to say it when he's in trouble. He thinks it will make us forget about what he just did... pretty clever I must say!
 Yesterday, Parker stuck a potato, half of my trash can and one of his diapers in the toilet. I felt like I was going to lose my mind by 4pm. I try to praise him for all of the good things that he does because I don't want to be the "naggy" mom who is constantly getting mad at him. I don't think he does these things to be "naughty" but he is just a curious little 19 month old. Steve told me to watch Parkers face when he does things like that. He's not trying to be rebellious at all, he's just completely fascinated with the toilet and wants to see how it really works! It's hard to stay patient with him when he gets into everything all day long though. I just pray for patience every day and I know everything will be okay. My house won't always look perfect and I'm sure a lot of our stuff will get thrown away, flushed down the toilet, or scribbled on with permanent markers. I guess that's just part of being a parent. Actually, as I'm typing this post, its actually kind of funny to me (although, if you asked me yesterday, it wouldn't have been so funny!)
 Also, bedtime-- we have had a really good routine putting him to bed at night, but this week has been totally different. He cries, screams, stalls us by reading books, and throws tantrums when its time to go to bed. I hope that he knows how much we love him and that he feels like we are still giving him the attention that he needs so that he goes back to his happy, well behaved self really soon.

On a happier note... I love the picture below!
Notice Hudson's little dimple on his cheek... he has the CUTEST dimples!
Parker sure does love his baby brother Hudson. It's so cute to see the way he looks at him and how sweet he is to him. I know they are going to be best buds!

Also, we took Hudson to the doctor today and he is back up to his birth weight (6 lbs 13 oz) and is super healthy! :) He's a good eater and such a happy little baby! We are so blessed to have such cute, healthy kids!


  1. Erin, I'm so happy for you!! Congratulations on little Hudson. It's so nice to see young women like you so happy being wives and mothers and enjoying the role that will bring you the most happiness in life. Congratulations again! He's darling. So is Big Brother!!!

  2. Love the pics! I especially love Parker's bed head. I can for sure relate to the curiosity of a child ;) kiss both the boys for me please, I can't because I have a pretty bar throat infection :( love you all!

  3. Congrats on the newest addition! Hah, that dimple is so awesome. Wow, can't wait to meet him.

  4. I know I comment on every blog post, but I really just love them all! You have the cutest boys! And Parker will get better! You guys are the best parents ever!!

  5. Cute post! PS. I struggle with the same thing with Hannah. I feel like my patience has completely left me sometimes. But just try to remember all the love you DO show him everyday and you will understand that he knows he's loved while you and I can keep working on that patience thing :)

  6. Your boys are so cute! All of my kids have gone through adjustment periods after each new baby...its so normal! Linc broke a front window, learned to spray his sisters with the hose, and dumped a huge thing of yogurt on the kitchen floor the first week we brought Port home! He did stop acting out after a while and I am sure Parker will be back to his normal self soon. I do think the potato in the potty is pretty dang funny.