Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quality Time with Papa

If any of you know my dad, you know that he is one busy man. But even though he has a crazy schedule, he always makes time for family. Thats one of the things that I love about him. Last week, he came over with my mom for the day to spend some quality time with "his boys." And boy, did they have a ball!
Notice Hudson's hand is tucked in my dads pocket. :)
They love each-udder!

 Is that not the cutest little face you've ever seen?

I think Hudson might have realized he was hungry in this picture...
 My dad helped Parker blow on his cheese crisp from Cafe Rio. It was "tah!"... (which means "hot" in Parker language.)
 He was so nice to share a bite with his Papa!
 Papa also provided entertainment on his phone by watching videos and guessing animal noises.
 In the afternoon, we were off to the park in our neighborhood. It felt so good to get outside for a few minutes and soak up the sun. 
I love Hudson's little tongue!
 Parker and Papa did all sorts of fun things at the park, like the moonwalk...
  jumping off of the curb...
 rock climbing...
 and even going down the slide! What a fun day! 
They finished off their day by getting adjusted by Papa! Wow, what a day! 
Thanks for coming over to play! Can't wait to do it again!


  1. Oh how cute! Your dad (and your mom too) is the sweetest! I love both your parents, they are such good examples!

  2. Your boys are too cute! I love your dad! He adjusted Emma when she was first born. :)

  3. So fun! The boys are so darn adorable! I love watching dad's face when he plays with his grandkids, it's priceless!

  4. I'm not going to lie... I'M JEALOUS!!

  5. I'm not going to lie... I'M JEALOUS!!