Monday, April 11, 2011

Lazy Days

This is what a normal day looks like in the Larsen home...
 Parkers new favorite thing is to fill a little cup with water, dump it out and repeat it over...
 and over.... and over again. 
Hey it keeps him entertained and mommy happy (until he starts dumping the water all over the chair and the floor-- then it's time to find something else to do.) :)
 Somedays, we all stay in our pajamas all day long. I have this rule that if I'm not dressed by 2pm... I might as well stay in my PJ's. I at least manage to shower every day. Thats a plus!
 While Parker entertains himself with playing with the water, Hudson sleeps peacefully in Babyland.
 He is so sweet.
 Parker now wants me to lay Hudson next to him while he watches cartoons on my bed. It's pretty cute.

 This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, but look at those dimples! 
I love these boys!


  1. Isn't it interesting what entertains a child? :) I love all the great pics, excited face especially. I loved finally being able to hold Hudson! It was nice having the family together yesterday for Logan's bday (except we missed Krista!) Give the boys kissess & loves from aunt Brianne!

  2. Awesome. I love the Parker man. He's hilarious and suave.

  3. So cute! Treasure it (as I know you do) they grow up all too quickly!

  4. You have the cutest boys ever!!!

  5. So so sweet! Your little boys are adorable!

  6. I know what you mean about finding something that they like to do. Let them do it over... and over... and over.I used to get so much done when you girls would find something like that to do. He just finds the funniest things! Sweet boys!!

  7. Oh this was just so cute.. Hudson has his mama's dimples! Lovely boys!

  8. its funny because i always thought parker looked so little but seeing him next to hudson makes him look so big and old! your boys are adorable :)

  9. OMIGOSH Erin, your boys are the sweetest! Parker looks so much like you! I haven't seen you in forever! We should go to lunch sometime! My number is (480) 316-0098 if you're ever free!