Thursday, September 1, 2011

Swim Party!

Parker has SO many friends his age in our neighborhood. There are 4 two year olds on our street alone (and they are all within 3 months apart!) He was invited to his friend Beckham's 2nd birthday party at Val Vista Lakes the other day. Hudson even got in the pool with us and liked it... the pools felt like bath water because it is 150,000,000 degrees outside! But it still felt refreshing.
 He had fun swimming with his bestie/girlfriend, Bella!
 They were looking at the stars together, how romantic (in a cute, innocent way!!)

 Steve and Billy had their "man talk" while hanging out in the pool. 
 Shari and I wanted in on the picture fun!

 Could their eyes be any blue-er (yes, I know that is not a word... but it is now!)
 Silly faces!
Although we had tons of fun swimming-- I am ready for summer to be over! It is so dang HOT outside! Bring on the fall!

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  1. Seriously, soo cute! Parker and Bella are so dang adorable, love them both! And Beckum is a cutie!! How fun!!