Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Boy's Got Wit That's For Sure

I went shopping the other day to find something cute to wear to a holiday party tomorrow night. It was quite the experience with my kids in the dressing room at Forever 21! Hudson was screaming because he wanted out and then Parker joined in on the screaming because he wanted to get out and run wild through the store-- which was NOT going to happen. Well, Parker thought up a genius (in his mind) idea to try and make me get him out of the stroller. He yelled "Time-Out Mom!" thinking that if he could somehow go to Time-Out for a second, he could run free afterwards. I knew what he was trying to do however and told him "No, you don't need to go to Time-Out Buddy." Then I saw the wheels turning in his head on full speed and an instant later, he spit on the ground and then said "A Time-Out Mommy!" Waa-whaaat!? Did my kid really just spit on the ground to take himself to Time-Out?? I tried with all of my might not to laugh and encourage such behavior, but man-- that was pretty genius of an idea for a 2 year old, you have to admit! I spatted his mouth for spitting, which resulted in him crying and screaming even louder. But a couple minutes later, he realized what he had done and said "Sah-wey (sorry) Mommy. Uh spit." And I reached down, gave him a big hug and kiss and told him it was alright and to never do that again. :) 
Man, that boy is clever.

 The best thing when he wakes up in the morning is when he yells "Daddy, do you hear me?" And then Steve yells from our bed "Yeah, do you hear me?!" And Parker yells "Yeah!" And then we go in to get him out of bed, give each other kisses and he says "A good dreams Mommy!" (He tells me he had good dreams.) It happens every morning and it is the best way to wake up! 
I love that kid.


  1. Oh I love that story!! I told Mike about it and he was just laughing and thought that was so cute!!

  2. Haha that is the funniest story ever! Wouldn't it be so much easier if fitting rooms were completely closed in and had a padlock? Then you could let the kids run while you try stuff on. Haha. I know it would help me

  3. too cute!! kids are way more clever than we tend to give them credit for !:)

  4. I love that two year old!!! It's like watching Colton grow up all over again ;) Never a dull moment!

  5. That kid is brilliant! This is such a classic story! Love him <3