Friday, February 17, 2012

Candida thing (get it, can't-eat-a-thing?)

This past year has been a really wonderful but really hard one for me. If any of you really know me, I am always sick. I either have a cold (it goes away for  a week or two and then comes back), tired and no energy, have developed food allergies (especially to sugar!) which cause painful sores in my mouth, headaches and can't quite lose weight as fast as I want to. Well, it turns out that I have Candida. I took antibiotics 3 times in a matter of 7 months when Hudson was born. So my immune system was is still shot! That explains the constant thrush going back and forth between Hudson and I! No doctor could figure out what was wrong with me, and they would just prescribe antibiotics-- which is the exact opposite of what I was supposed to be taking to get rid of the Candida! When I finally discovered that this is what I had, it was so relieving to finally figure out what the heck was wrong with me! I was almost in tears actually (good tears because I now know how to treat it!) Even though it's really hard to get rid of and can take as long as 3-6 months, I am ready to do whatever it takes to be me again-- healthy, energetic and back to my active self! I went off of yeast and sugar (that means NO bread or sugar, even fruit) for a week. Yesterday we went to this amazing guy named Randy Grant in Mesa and he looked at my blood (along with Steve and Hudson's) and it turns out that I have lots of bacteria and sugar in my blood, low in iron and I need a good liver cleanse! I kind of feel like an old person right now, talking about my health issues! Gheesh! He gave me a bunch of natural supplements to get rid of the candida, build my immune system, balance the pH in my body and digestion supplements. And the great news is that he told me to eat carbs-- just the good carbs: whole grains. Those words were like music to my ears. His biggest thing he stressed was eating as many raw foods as possible. So I will be making as many salads with raw veggies as possible. We shall see if I get any better. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please?
Also, Steve and Hudson had some pretty big issues too. He wants me to take Hudson off of formula and give him his protein powder that is made out of 100% raw fruits and vegetables. There are NO chemicals in it at all and I mix it with his green drink that is also completely raw and natural. Hudson loves it! So that is great! We are all on the road to being healthy again! I cannot wait!

We went to Ikea and bought a table and chairs for the boys. They love it. Don't they look so grown up? Hudson will be a YEAR in three weeks!! I can't even believe it. I am planning his party and it is going to be SO cute! Aaaaaahhhh (that's me screaming with excitement.) :)

It's the simple things in life that bring the most joy, right?


  1. So happy you are getting answers! Sounds like you'll all be great in no time!!!! The boys look so big there! I still can't believe Hudson is going to be 1 so soon!

  2. Even though I am not having health issues we have started eating healthier too! We bought a juicer and I have been doing green smoothies for breakfast and juice for lunch with just fruits and vegetables and then I just eat dinner.. It is great! You should watch the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead if you haven't already! It is so awesome! It's on Netflix... That is awesome that you found the answers you needed and a dr who could give them to you!

  3. HOLY COW Erin. I had no idea that you had a Candida problem. Well have you ever tried using all natural pure therapeutic grade essential oils like Oregano,clove, melaleuca? I have been using them for other aliments in my life and they work wonders and the best brand is doTERRA. I have some you could sample and I could educate you some more on it if you are interested. I bet they could make a huge difference in your life!! Let me know!!;)