Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Makeover: Short and Sassy

Tracy is a super fun, creative, artsy woman. She can draw and paint like nobodies business! She is also a mother of 7 (yes 7!) kids! I wanted to spice up her look a notch to match her vibrant, fun personality! Just so you know, she was cracking me up when I took her before pictures! She. Made. My. Day. :)
This is how she felt... 

 Isn't she gorgeous? She's a grandma too-- bet you would have never guessed that! 

When you can be goofy and fun and don't really care what anybody thinks about you-- that to me means you are truly a confident, happy person. Nothing better than to meet people who are completely secure and happy with themselves! Confidence is a beautiful thing! 

Thanks Tracy for the fun day! You rock your new hair do! 


  1. Turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!!! Tracy you are an amazing lady!!!

  2. She's in my ward! I don't talk to her much, but she's beautiful! You do such a great job! I'm serious about wanting to get a makeover done! email me?