Friday, May 25, 2012

Father/Son Campout

Parker went on his first camping trip last weekend with Steve, just the two of them. He was so excited to have his very own flashlight and to sleep in a tent. He wore Steve's hat (an old, small one that he had) and wore it the entire campout. Before they left, Parker sat down next to Hudson on the floor and said in a really sweet voice "Baby, Parker is gonna go camping. You can go next time, okay? Does dat sound good?" and then he kissed his forehead goodbye-- such a sweet, tender moment.
Steve said that he was such a good boy the whole time and had a blast! The next morning at 4am, he looked over to Steve and said "Dad, do you like marshmallows?... I like marshmallows." And they were up for the day. Nobody else woke up in their camp for about three hours so they went on a walk and explored. Steve tried his hardest to keep him quiet but Parker couldn't resist howling like a coyote and singing every song he knew at the top of his lungs. Camping was definitely Parker's favorite thing to do! I'm so glad they had a fun time together. 

And for a potty training update:
I am pleased to announce that Parker went all day yesterday with out one accident and (drum roll please...) he went poo on the potty last night! I was at my parents house and everyone was aware of his pooping on the potty issues. So when he finally went last night-- he had a crowd of people clapping, cheering, and Nana even busted out the candy! Woo hoo! This morning, he told me right away that he had to go and he even told me which one was the "daddy poo" and "baby poo" (okay, that was probably a TMI... but it made me laugh out loud!) So far so good today. I am beginning to think that potty training is successful. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. What a fun camping trip! I especially how he was so sweet with Hudson. So exiting about the potty training!!! Way to go Parker!!