Monday, October 24, 2016

Finding Balance...

Hudson was excited to get out of the house and go watch Everett at his swim lessons. His counts were high enough for him to go somewhere finally!
 Aunt Kristie brought him a Jersey Mikes sub sandwich when she heard he was craving it for lunch. He scared down his and half of hers. ha ha!
 Hudson loved going over to play with Gunnar at his house. Meredith was so awesome and had him and Everett over on a weekly basis so they could get out of the house and play since we couldn't take him many places at all. It made their week and was such a relief to me. She has a huge heart and is always doing anything she can to lighten my burden and help out. When Hudson went to play, she would have all kinds of fun art projects and activities for them to do. She's so awesome! Gunnar has a big heart and is always so sweet and compassionate to Hudson. He always prays for Hudson that he can walk again. It took Hudson a couple of months and lots of therapy. But when he finally started walking, he walked into Gunnars front door with the proudest smile on his face and said "Gunnar! You don't have to pray I can walk anymore!" Gunnar replied very excitedly "Okay! I will pray you can run now!" It was the sweetest. Tanner and Meredith told us that he prayed every night for months that Hudson can run and do "jacking jumps" (jumping jacks). So sweet!

Trying to find balance with all three kids has been really challenging to say the least. I am so grateful that kids are resilient and will hopefully forget about the hard times when mommy wasn't there for them like I normally am. It truly takes a village. I'm so grateful for all of our family and friends who did anything they could to help our family. Wouldn't have been able to do it without help.

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