Saturday, November 12, 2016

Larsen Love

I am so grateful that I married into such an awesome, loving and supportive family. We all got together for family dinner one Sunday and no one even planned wearing their #hudsonisawesome shirts. It was pretty fun to see everyone wearing them together. I get choked up thinking about how much our families have stepped in and helped us in any way they can whether it was babysitting while we were at the doctor or in the hospital, bringing meals, organizing, helping pack for our move,  and putting away house stuff... really the list goes on. 

 I'm writing these blog posts months after these photos were taken and it is pulling at all of my heart strings to see pictures of Ralph, who suddenly and unexpectedly passed away (at the age of 64) in July. He was truly a rock in our family. A constant source of unconditional love, always offering a helping hand and supportive of all of his children and grandchildren. I still cannot believe that he is really gone. I will share more of my feelings and experiences about his passing in a future post because I need to gain my composure first. One thing we have definitely learned from all of these trials is that every day we have to live on this earth is precious and to never take what you have for granted. It can all be taken in an instant. For Hudson, we are grateful that he was given a chance to live and get past his horrific diagnosis. Ralph wasn't given that chance and I don't know if we will ever understand why it happened when he was so young.  I know that he is still with us on the other side, helping us every step of the way as our guardian angel. But man, we miss him. 

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