Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lindsay Mask- a gift from God

Steve and I both knew I was going to need some help. I didn't want to always have to depend on family to watch my kids so I could go get house stuff done and necessary errands like going to the grocery store. Hudson was in confinement due to his low ANC (immune system.) My sister-in-law, Lindsay (who is amazing in every way) gave us Lindsay Mask's phone number. She was one of their close friends they use to watch when her parents went out of town for years.  Lindsay was now a senior in high school. She said she was interested in coming to work for us a few times a week and we felt really good about it. From the second she walked into the door for the first time, I knew we were going to love her and consider her a part of the family from the get go. She came with flowers and some cinnamon bread neatly wrapped with a big bow. She had the happiest smile and most positive, cheerful attitude I have ever seen on a teenage girl. My boys instantly clicked with her. She came three times a week after school for months up until she graduated and went off to college in the late summer. She heard Hudson say he loved sushi and it was his favorite food. The next time she came, she brought his favorite primo rolls from Tamari, his most favorite sushi joint! He was in heaven! He asked her during their little sushi date: "Do you have a boyfriend?" She said "No, I use to but then we broke up and he started dating another girl really fast." He looked at her confused and angry and said "What's her name?" She told him the name and he repeated it in disgust and said "That's a dumb name! Lindsay is a much better name! Pfffff! .... I'm going to find your old boyfriends house and I'm going to go kick him in the leg!" She said she died laughing and knew that Hudson had her back! 
About a month later, she told him she was going to New York with her mom and a couple friends and their moms for her senior trip. He told her "You tell your friends that you have a boyfriend and his name is Hudson (with a proud smile on his face!)" Man, I love that kids confidence. He legitimately would have had her as a girlfriend in his mind. Young love is the cutest! He's always been our little ladies man! 

 I will be forever grateful for Lindsay and for all of the help she gave our family. She helped me through the toughest time of my life with Hudson and also helped me get rid of a bunch of stuff and with our move, getting everything packed up. She comes to visit us when she comes in town from college and she truly means the world to our family. I love her so dearly.
Everyone needs a Lindsay Mask in their life.

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