Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Way of Camping

Last Christmas, one of my clients gave me a gift certificate to stay at her all inclusive dude ranch in Greer called Hidden Meadow Ranch. We decided that my birthday would be the perfect weekend to use our free two night stay up in the White Mountains... and boy was it a treat!
We got our very own cabin (which was two stories) that overlooked a beautiful meadow with horses grazing in it. It was absolutely romantic and so cozy!
One of the coolest things, was that the refrigerator was stocked with soda's, juice and water and we could drink as much as we wanted and they would refill it... for free! We drink soda very sparingly, but had to take advantage of that... because usually when you stay in a hotel its like $4.00 a drink! ha ha
That night, we went to dinner at their gourmet restaurant and we got to order whatever we wanted, including appetizer, entree, and dessert!! Steve got the filet mignon and I got a New York strip steak! They had the most delicious creamed corn I have ever tasted in my life and their scalloped potatoes and mac and cheese were definitely some of the best I've ever had! We definitely ate well on our trip and were full the entire time. I had a doctor's check up the day after I got home and lets just say, I didn't look at the scale when they weighed me because I didn't want to know how much I gained from our lovely getaway!
Here is my delicious New York strip cooked to perfection!
This is the view of our cabin from the upstairs. Pictures do not do it justice! Oh, and those apples are real... not decoration... cool huh?
They even had robes for us to wear. We felt like royalty! Steve was enjoying baking under the heat lamp in the bathroom!
They had a beautiful jacuzzi bathtub with candles around it. It was so romantic!
Steve didn't want to feel left out from wearing the slippers they provided, so he wore them even though they didn't fit him quite right. ha ha
This was the view from our cabin.
They had so many activities to do up there. We did leather making. Steve made a key chain and book mark, and I made bracelets. It was so much fun! We felt like kids again doing arts and crafts projects!
We also did archery and hiking with our very own tour guide/activity lady, Elizabeth. She was super nice!
I feel like I look kinda hardcore in this picture! he he
On Sunday, we ate biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon and potatoes by the fire and then went for a carriage ride in their wagon. I felt like a queen!
And to end our wonderful vacation before we headed home, we went out into the woods and had a little devotional and read about the first vision and prayed and meditated. It was actually one of my favorite parts of our trip. It was so peaceful and nice to be out in the middle of the woods to read and meditate. Steve and I had such a wonderful time! Thank you Casey for the amazing vacation! It was the perfect "baby-moon" before our little guy joins us in SIX WEEKS! If anyone ever wants to have a nice getaway, Hidden Meadow Ranch is the place to go!


  1. Wow, Erin, that place is really nice. I'll have to remember it for future reference!

  2. Me too! That looks romantic, fun, peaceful, etc. My kind of vacation. You have a very NICE client.

  3. What a fun "camping" trip! Being 9 months prego that is definitely my idea of camping. We went camping over the weekend in Flagstaff and it was SO hard sleeping on an air mattress and in a tent with my huge belly. I had pillows surrounding me every direction and I still couldn't get comfy and then having to pee during the night. Ugh! You did it the right way for sure! I'm glad you guys had such a great trip!

  4. That does look like a perfect getaway. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. Love you!

  5. Oh my gosh, that is sooo awesome! I want to try that place out. Looks like a lot of fun!

  6. The sounds WONDERFUL!!! I'm so jealous right now :)

  7. WOW!! The soda was free??? That's totally cool!!!

  8. Oh ya... and everything else looked amazing as well!!! Glad you had a good birthday!!!

  9. Now that is an amazing b-day gift! It looks amazing!! Wish Billy and I could go away for a couple days before our little guy comes. Maybe we will have to do something. Not what you did because I am pretty sure it is WAY out of our price range :) You look so adorable by the way!!

  10. How fun! That is a great idea for an anniversary trip....hmmmmmmmmm :) I like the picture of Steve by the heat lamp and making leather works. Reminds me of girls camp. You guys are so much fun!