Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Vacation at the Beach

Steve and I went on one last vacation before our little Parker man arrives. My family is in San Diego for a whole month this year, so we joined in on the fun for a few days!
Steve was excited to show the kids La Jolla Cove where you can find many sea crabs and other creatures! The boys thought it was pretty cool!
We had to take a classic side pose to show how big my belly is getting! I was almost thirty-four weeks in that picture.
Ava DID NOT like the sand much at first! She stayed on her little beach mat all day because she wanted nothing to do with the gross, dirty sand. But she sure warmed up to it a few days later and I didn't witness it, but Tara said she tried to eat it and everything! She is too cute for words that little Ava Bean!
She fit so perfectly in the my moms kitchen sink and she really enjoyed her bath! I love to hear her high pitched squeeks and squeals! She is so happy!
Steve and enjoyed lots of yummy food and desserts on our trip. I had to take a picture of the chocolate cake we got with Liz and Dave at Extraordinary Desserts!
We were able to go to the San Diego Temple with my parents while we were there. It was such a treat! I saw so many people from Arizona there... including my gym instructor! Small world! Thanks mom and dad and Tara and Aaron for making our vacation so much fun! We miss you guys and can't wait for you to come home!!!!
The day before we headed home for Arizona, we met up with Liz and Dave (who are now San Diego residents) for dinner and dessert! They always know the best places to go for great food thats for sure. This was at George's On the Cove in La Jolla! The food was great, conversation--always fun, and the weather was perfect! California always treats us well! I think we will have to back after Parker is a few months old! We already miss it tons!!!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Erin you look cute. How are you feeling? Ready? So exciting you are so close.

  2. Wow! what an awesome trip! I love San Diego! We met up with your fam on Friday so I'm sad we missed seeing you and Steve :( You sure are adorable though! I can't wait to meet little Parker man!

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  3. Wish you guys could have been with us this weekend!! Hope you guys had a wonderful 4th!! I'll see you when I get back... I think a slumber party is in order!!

  4. We had so much fun when you were here. Steve was a good guide for us. We miss you. Take care.

  5. I am so glad that you guys had so much fun! Wish we could have been there the same time as you. I miss you!! You look so cute with little Parker in your tummy :)

  6. I miss you so much! I'm glad you were able to come up for a while. We are in for another trip to San Diego when ever you are ready. First we need to get little Parker here :) Woop woop!!!!! Love you!