Friday, October 23, 2009

Parker is 3 Months Old Today!

I can't believe my baby is three months old today! It's so weird because it feels like just yesterday, the doctor handed him to me and laid him on my chest for the first time-- but at the same time, I almost don't remember what life was like before Parker was in my life!
The picture below was when my mom came over and she made him laugh for the first time!
Parker loves his pediatrician! I swear he show's off for her every time he see's her!

He has such a fun personality already! Here are a few things that he likes so far:
1. He LOVES to be held and is a very happy, social baby... he'll goo and smile for any girl that holds him! (He's already a little flirt!)

2.He can annunciate the word "goo" PERFECTLY! It's his favorite word to say. He says "gaw" when he is hungry and "waaah" when he is tired... and he truly annunciates them just like that!

3. He loves to be swaddled when he goes to bed at night and sleeps really good. He usually just wakes up once to eat and then goes back to bed for a couple more hours!

4. He loves his bouncer!!! We have these giraffe rattles that hang from the top, and we call them his best friends because he is absolutely delighted to see them every time we put him in his bouncer! He smiles and goo's at them until he realizes that they are boring and don't talk back to him, and than he cries and wants out. It's pretty funny!

5. He is VERY expressive with his facial expressions! He raises his perfect eyebrows up and down when he "talks" to you and he makes lots of cute and funny expressions!

6. He loves when I sing to him, and he is already trying to copy me when I sing.

7. He's been rolling over for a month now... the doctor called him an "over achiever" because they usually don't do that till 4 months!

8. He LOVES outside!!!! I think if we lived outside, he would be perfectly happy!

9. He loves baths, and getting his diaper changed-- he already has good hygiene!

10. When he laughs-- it always gives him the hiccups!!

We sure love you Parker boy!!! We are so glad you are a part of our family!


  1. He's so cute!! I love it when he laughs!! It's probably one of the cutest things!! I seriously can't believe he's THREE MONTHS!! Time does fly by!! Love you Parker!!!!!!

  2. All those character traits you listed were right on the head! He is sooooo dang cute. I made him laugh again today... he already knows good humor!;D Brilliant!! Just brilliant!!

  3. He is a brillant boy!! He is also so adorable!!! I can't believe he is already 3 months! Love you Parker boy. Also Parker I have to agree Nana is very funny she makes me laugh all the time too :)

  4. its always just so sweet to hear a first time mother talk about their baby. you can justfeel the love.

  5. He's getting big so fast!! I'm sad just thinking how fast babies grow...I must be pregnant.

  6. He's such a doll! Doesn't seem like every baby stage is the best?? We are just having so much fun with Lily right now.

  7. LOVE this post! Parker is so dang cute and he has such a great Momma!

  8. Love Parker! Love three months! Cute post :)

  9. How cute. 3 months already. You know Kennady still gets the hiccups every time she laughs. It's cute. I love reading all about your family.