Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Little Giraffe on Halloween

Okay... so Parker didn't like his costume so much at first... it was hot inside! But once he got outside he was nice and cozy!
Could he get ANY cuter??
We went to my in-laws house to take Parker trick-or-treating with his cousins Kambri and Jase-- I mean Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.
Halloween is way more fun with a baby of your very own to dress up! Parker had no clue why he was dressed like a giraffe, but he liked everyone telling him how cute he looked, so he did okay!
This is the way to trick-or-treat. It was so nice to drive to the houses that we wanted and call it a night!
After about two houses... he had enough. Trick-or-treating is hard work for a three month old! Maybe next year, he will stay awake longer.
Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


  1. That is one dang cute giraffe!! What happened to the pumpkin costume? Either way he looks adorable!! Love you Parker boy :) It is true Halloween is a lot more fun with kids :)

  2. He's so adorable! I love the giraffe costume! Glad you had a good halloween!

  3. Aww he is the cutest little giraffe ever!! I love your shirt too!!

  4. That is so cute! I wish we could have seen him for year :) He seriously is the cutest little girraffey poo I've ever seen......hands down! Give him snuggles from Aunt Tara!!!

  5. Ok... that was ADORABLE!!! He looked so cute in that costume! Ohhhhh I just want to eat and snuggle him right now!!!

  6. Cute costume! Diggin' the golf cart set-up! :-)

  7. I love the Giraffe costume. What a cutie pie!