Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy 7 Month Birthday Parker!

Parker turned 7 months today!! I know... seven months sounds like a silly thing to celebrate-- but it sounds so much older than 6 months for some reason!! I wanted to write a few things down about Parker because he is changing more and more every day!
First off- HE IS STILL A MOMMY'S BOY. :) And he is my little Pookie that's sure!
He loves to swing and do whatever his cousins are doing! He loves watching other kids play and gets bursts of excitement where he kicks and squeals really loud!
Although he doesn't really know what he is saying... He says "dada" all the time now! Steve was pretty excited!
*He has TWO very sharp teeth now! But they sure look cute when he smiles!
*He loves eating cheerios! I break them into thirds for him and he chews them with his mouth wide open and smacks really loud! It's so cute! He was pretty excited when we gave them to him. :)
*He loves food! His favorites are sweet potatoes, sweet peas, squash, carrots and oatmeal and pears.
*I still swaddle him like a newborn at night! He won't sleep long if he's not swaddled, it's pretty cute!
*He makes a silly face that he knows is so funny! My little comedian!
*He has followers at the grocery store--especially Trader Joe's! I couldn't walk down an isle without getting stopped by some old person telling me how cute he was! And then he would do his silly face for them and show off like "Look what I can do!"
*He is sitting up and playing with toys a lot now!
*He loves sucking his paci upside down.
*He still lets me kiss his face all day... I hope that never ends!
*He HATES having his nose wiped!!
*He seriously smiles for the camera--I guess that means I take lots of pictures of him!
*He likes dancing together!
*He loves looking at himself in the mirror!... I didn't raise him to be conceded, he just thinks he has another baby to play with! :)
*He absolutely loves to be outside! If he's crying, we take him outside and he usually stops crying instantly!

Parker boy- I love you so much! Happy 7 month birthday baby!


  1. Happy 7 month birthday to your gorgeous baby boy!! i don't think it is silly I will probably do the same thing when I have my first kid. I understand why the old people follow him in the store! He is so freakin cute!!

  2. yay parker!!! happy seven months! most of those things sound exactly like Mayli....swaddling, food, sitting up, looking at her self in the mirror (funny) and being outside too!! they were meant to be friends....i know it! : )

  3. He is so adorable. Is he starting to get teeth yet?

  4. Parker boy! you are getting so big! I miss you and love and can't wait to see all your tricks today! I love you!!

  5. Oh fun. They really do grow fast and change so much the first year or two. It's sort of startling how fast these little ones grow especially to us older ones.

  6. Hey, you forgot that he has two VERY sharp teeth! He loves to grab anything in sight, and he loves Polaris Rangers.... ha ha ha.

    Happy seven month birthday, Parker.

  7. What a cutie! He is such a great mix of you and Steve. I can't wait to see him. Will you be at your parent's house at all this weekend? I will be in town from Sat-Tues. I would love to meet Parker in person!

  8. Happy 7 month Birthday Parker Baby!! I'm so glad I got to spend the day with you and snuggle you and see the comedian come out of you!! hehe! "Silly Face!"

  9. Oh how did I forget that??? Parker definitely has TWO SHARP TEETH!!!

  10. Cut boy!!! He's so cute. I love that he's still a little baby. Hannah can't wait to do everything like a grown up. grown up food, no swaddling, etc.