Monday, March 1, 2010

My (Papa's) New Toy!

Hey there!! Did you know I have the coolest Papa in the whole world? He just got a new toy that I'm so excited about... a polaris ranger! He even lets me sit in the driver seat cuz I'm a big boy now!
Look-- I can even steer with one hand and wave at the same time!
This is serious business. I have a lot of buttons and gears I need to know how to use. I am picking up this steering thing really fast!
My mommy kept saying in a really high pitched voice "How does he already know what this is?? How is he so excited about this at seven months old??" Duh mom... I'm a boy!!
I dream about driving this every night. Life is good!!!


  1. Like father like son! Maybe in is in his DNA. I love the way he is driving and waving at the same time! He really be like Logan and Colton and know how to drive by the time their 3 or 4

  2. He really DID recognize that Polaris Ranger as something 'fun'!!! He was so cute and sooooo boy!!!!

  3. I'd say he's totally into driving--boys, boys and their toys! It starts SO young, doesn't it!?!

  4. so adorable. I love his baby blues... he looks just like his mommy.