Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy Summer!!

Summer is here and it's keeping us really busy! On Memorial Day weekend we stayed the night at my parents house and Steve went on a horseback ride with my dad and then we went and had a BBQ swim party over at my Aunts house... no pictures--I know, that is so not like me! We went to girls camp this last weekend up in Lakeside. It was a wonderful weekend filled with lots of laughs, good food, and cries (happy cries of course!) Parker and Steve even got to come along to girls camp and Parker had his own entourage of girls ranging from 12-18 years old... he was definitely loving all the attention! Again... no pictures!! I was on vacation from my camera this last week I guess! 

 A few weeks ago we went on a drive up to Tortialla Flats but I haven't had an extra minute in my day to post pictures of our gorgeous day trip!

Steve wanted to be like Mufasa in Lion king with his baby cub Simba...

We ate at a restaurant that was covered in dollar bills all over the walls!
They said that they have over $200,000 in dollar bills on their walls! Crazy huh?
Parker was loving every minute of our little family day trip!
Stay tuned for more cute pictures... I promise I will post again soon! :)


  1. First of all, I want that wallpaper in the little restaurant you went to.

    Second, I've been to that little restaurant in Tortilla flats, it's a lot of fun and the trip is BEE. U. TEE. FUL!!!!

    Last, I have pics of Steve and Dad's ride... you may have copies. Your welcome.

    PS- Please don't take vacations from your camera. Glad you posted anyway.

  2. Fun day trip! Glad you all had fun at girls camp. I loved all the fun at Kristie and Patty's!! Such a blast!

  3. I'm sure Parker baby was LOVING all the attention from the girls. He's such a flirt... hehe!! I love him!! That drive looked like a LOT of fun! And you know that restaurant had the right idea... It will never go bankrupt because they have a good amount of cash saved on the walls!!