Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Days

Parker and I went swimming over at Shari's (pronounced Shaw-ry in case you were confused) and it was a ball! We swam for FOUR straight hours and I made the mistake of not putting on sunscreen until hour three-- My face and shoulders were FRIED! Luckily, I was smart and put sunblock on Parker many times so he got a beautiful tan! I think he would live over there if he could. Shari gave him a sucker, an otter-pop, a graham cracker all while floating on his own princess raft... it was Bella's just so you know!
He officially loves suckers. He sucked it till it was gone!
Here's Parker's girlfriend-- I mean friend Bella. Isn't she a doll?

Attison and Beckam were there too (along with Berkely but I didn't get a picture of him.)
I love watching them all play together! It's so cute!
Especially when Parker does his silly faces for them... he knows if the kids won't laugh at him-- I will!! Because I do every time he makes his funny faces! :)
Good times. I love summer.


  1. You are making me jealous! I love your blog header by the way. Such a cute picture.

  2. Too cute in the princess float!

  3. So cute to see him interact with other kids! Good thing you remembered to put sunscreen on him!

  4. Sorry you got u vbgfy...ok I'm back. Apparently Brayden needed to type something to Parker and it couldn't wait. So what I was going to say was, sorry you got burned but glad you remembered to put plenty of sunscreen on Parker boy. He looks so cute just floating around with that sucker in his mouth!

  5. Oh Parker... you have found a NEW love... SUCKERS!! It looked like he had a grip on that thing. hehe! He looks adorable swimming and I especially LOVE his floating device! :)

  6. Love the princess floatie! AND, it looks like he's getting some hair! Yay!

  7. LOVE your family pictures... Oh my goodness so beautiful! Hey I am a looser and just remembered it was your bday this weekend. Sorry. Happy Birthday!