Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday Celebration Begins

Parker's birthday isn't until the 23rd but we had an early celebration with the Larsen side of the family since most of them will be out of town for his actual birthday. We ordered pizza and had salad and got my favorite sparkling lemonade from Fresh and Easy. We had fun laughing at his silly faces and seeing his excitement for the party!
I made Liz's famous apple spice cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting... it was delicious!
Parker's cousins and Mimi were excited to celebrate!
He didn't quite understand what was going on when we sang him Happy Birthday (four times to be exact because his grandpa wanted it on camera and it didn't come out the first three times! ha ha:) He sang along and flapped his arms the whole time because that kid LOVES music, and with the help of his cousins, Kambri and Jase, the candle was blown out three times! What a lucky kid!
We let him eat his very first cupcake. He was unsure of what to do at first...
"You mean I get to eat this all by myself with my hands???"
"Dat's awesome!"

Grumpy face (totally fake of course)
Silly face!
Oh boy that was good! 
I can't believe my baby is going to be ONE next week! He is growing so fast and his personality is so much fun! I have so many more fun and exciting things to share but for now... have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Happy 1st Birthday Parker!! Doesn't it go by way to fast! So is he walking yet??

  2. Oh, those were such cute pics!!!!! I love that you captured all of his silly faces!! I'm amazed how fast this year has gone, happy birthday, Parker!

  3. to cute!! I love all the facial expressions :) Love you Parker boy!!

  4. It does go by so fast, love all his silly faces!!

  5. he is sooo cute!! i LOVE all of his facial expressions!!!! I remember just last year how i was counting down the weeks....and i knew, because I was exactly 2 weeks behind seriously seems like it was yesterday! happy birthday Parker!!

  6. Oh my goodness you have a one year old!!! And a darn cute one at that!!!! I love love love all his little faces!! So stinkin cute!! Glad you guys had fun!!

  7. He is so cute! That last picture is my favorite!

  8. He is so cute I could die. I can't wait to see him today!

  9. cute... I can't wait for moments like that. Enjoy them!!

  10. What the Heck! I missed his first cake experience! Please tell me you videoed it too... please! ;) I will say I do love all those silly faces!!

  11. So cute! I LOVE all his silly faces ;) Can't wait to see them in person!