Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Parker Boy!

A year ago today, this little guy entered the world and became a Larsen. I can't believe he is already a year! He is so much fun and his personality is getting more and more fun every day! Last week we went to San Diego for a little family vacation. We had a blast!
We took him to the Del Mar park that overlooks the ocean--  so beautiful!
He is such a boy! He loves to swing high!!!
And play in the sand...
He went on his very first Carousel ride in Belmont park. Steve and McKay were on the side lines cheering him on and waving every time he would pass by and he would wave hi every time we passed them... I think we were more excited then he was! But he had fun!
We took him to the Apple Store and he was in heaven... he was obsessed with this Dr Suess game that they had. He would point, dance, and he even waved bye when it said "B is for Bye Bye!" The hardest part was getting him out of that store-- he would have stayed there all day if we let him!
He learned to clap his hands while we were there, at 1am to be exact when he woke up and was ready to play for some reason. Steve and I were so tired but we couldn't help but laugh at his excitement and to watch him clap over and over for the first time! The picture below is at the San Diego Zoo (which was amazing by the way!) We met up with Liz and William and had a great time!
He loves drinking from our water bottle
I love his little Safari hat (thanks to his cousin Jase and Aunt Lori for letting him borrow it!)
Now this is the life... chilling on the grass overlooking the ocean, while drinking a bottle! Couldn't get much better! :)
He had fun making everyone laugh... especially his cousin Kambri! They were being silly sitting underneath the pool table!
One of my favorite pictures-- priceless.
Parker and his cousin Jase had fun playing at the park in their matching "vroom" shirts (as Jase would call it!)
Parker, we sure love you. How are you so cute? We are so blessed to have you in our lives and to be your mommy and daddy! You are such a joy to be around and you fill our lives with so much happiness and laughter. We can't believe our little baby is already one! You get cuter and cuter everyday (I don't know how it happens but it does!) Thanks for the first amazing year! Can't wait to celebrate many many more with you bubba!
Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Parker!!!! Wow, you got some cute pictures in San Diego! I love the one where Kambri is feeding Parker... HER mouth open wide! Ha ha!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PARKER BABY!!! I can't wait to celebrate tonight! Yipee! First, those sunglasses are freaking adorable on him! I want to eat him up right now! :) And the picture with Kambri feeding him is so cute! I love how big she opened her mouth to feed him! haha! Love you Parker!!

  3. Happy Birthday... you surely are one of the cutest babies ever!!

  4. How sweet! Happy Birthday Parker!

  5. Love all the adorable pics! Especially the one of Kambri feeding Parker, priceless :) I love you little Parker boy and I can't wait to snuggle you up today. Hey wait, I'm going to go downstairs and snuggle right now......bye bye.

  6. He just gets cuter every day! Happy birthday Parker!!

  7. Happy Birthday Parker boy!!! I love you SO much and I loved watching you enjoy your b-day! :) I love you buddy so much can't wait to celebrate so many more b-days with you. I also have to say I LOVE the picture of Kambri feeding Parker (it is true it is just instinct to open your mouth when your feeding a baby because you figure that way they know what to do). :) She will for sure continue to be a great little helper.

  8. Happy Birthday Parker. That was a fast year! He is getting so big and SO cute!! Awesome pictures!