Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh What A Night!

This is Parker the morning of his FIRST birthday. We came into his room really excited and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKER!
"It's my what??? No way!"
We celebrated that night at our house with our family and had a ball!
I made Liz's recipe for Cafe Rio pork barbacoa with cilantro lime rice and spicy cilantro, jalapeno ranch dressing with lots of toppings! I thought it turned out pretty delicious if I'd say so myself! :)
Parker had a nice conversation with his Nana and Papa telling them all about what it's like to be one.
He had all of his cousins around him to help him open up his presents...
He didn't quite know what to think about unwrapping his presents. We didn't get too many excited facial expressions... I guess he was just trying to take it all in.
This was his face when we told him it was time for cake. His face was like..."wait a minute, didn't I just do this a couple weeks ago? I'm confused."
"Oh not that bright candle again... I can hardly look at it it's so bright!"
"Okay, okay, I'll blow it out just for you guys!"
"Wait a minute-- where are you taking my cake?!"
"Ob boy! I get to do this all over again? Yes!!"
"I'm a pro at eating birthday cake all by myself!"
I made my mother-in-law's oatmeal cake recipe with coconut frosting and after I made it I thought Parker wasn't even going to like it.... but boy was I wrong! He downed his whole slice in a matter of minutes!
After we ate the cake, Parker played us a little ditty that had prepared for us-- sure made his momma proud!
I don't know what I would have done without his cousin Colton that night because he was the one responsible for taking all of the lovely photographs!
He even captured Parkers drool just as it was falling off of his chin... true talent I tell you!
 He also managed to capture this precious moment with his mom and Ava after she got a "boo boo" and her momma fixed it all better. :)
What a night! :) Can't believe my baby is one! 


  1. What a night!!! Great food, great people (especially the birthday boy!), and a great birthday video!!! Thanks for having us to the par tay!!!

  2. He is the cutest!! So fun! I love a reason to celebrate. Especially birthdays.

  3. So fun it was!!! Parker boy is 1 and he is lovin' it! You cake multiple times, you see all your cousins and family and they ALL are watching YOU! What more could a boy ask for? Oh yeah...more toys! Check!! :)Love you Parker boy!!

  4. What a fun party! I love the last pic of your sis and her baby girl.. so precious.. I'd say that photo is one for the photo album!

  5. The food was fantastic! I told my mom all about how good the pork was so we're making it this Sunday for dinner! Yum!!

  6. I can't believe it's been a year already!! Parker baby is getting so big! I had so much fun celebrating with you guys! Love you Parker!

  7. Happy Birthday Parker! What a cutie! Who took the pic at the top of your blog??? I LOVE it! :)

  8. Happy birthday Parker! I cannot believe you are already one! I don't see you very often because you are normally napping when i come over to get my hair done. But I will have you know that you are such a handsome boy and I hope to see you soon!

  9. Happy Birthday, Parker Boy!!! That was a fun night and the food was DELISH! Colton is quite the photographer ;) Love all the cute pics.......and I must say I think you inherited Mom's gift for interpreting pics. I really feel a reality tv show coming on. "Picture Whisperers" I think it will be big...................

  10. Oh! Happy Birthday Mr. Parker!! He is so handsome!! I love his expressive faces (especially the one where he is squinting from the "bright" candle!) What an awesome little man!