Wednesday, September 22, 2010

14 Month Milestones

I wanted to write down all of Parker's 14 month milestones so that I will never forget them! He is at such a fun, challenging, adorable age right now!
So far he is:
*Walking all over the place (he still crawls too but he's walking way more!)
*When he's done with his food, he holds his hands out and says "All gone!" (pronounced more like "All gah!")
*He gets into his Cozy Coupe, says "Bye Bye" while waving his hands, and then puckers his lips while saying "Muuuuuuuuaaaahh!" and then gives his mommy a kiss and "heads off to work!" Makes me melt every time!
*Eats like a pig! His favorite foods right now are bean and cheese burritos (even though they give him major gas!), banana's, cheese-its, pizza, spaghetti, turkey and cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets, banana pancakes, and his all time favorite-- cookies!
*When he wakes up in the morning, he shakes his crib (it's pretty squeaky) until we come and get him and then he squeals and gets so excited when we walk into the room to say good morning!
*When I tell him it's time to go night-night, he automatically lays his head on my shoulder and then I take him to his crib to go to sleep! It's pretty awesome!
*He's a MAJOR daddy's boy! He cries when Steve even walks out of the room!
*Loves watching Baby Einstein and Signing Times!
*Makes monkey, dog, duck, cow and tiger noises! 
*Points at every airplane he sees in the sky... that boy has got the eyes of a hawk! He can spot the tiniest little airplane!
*The words he says now are Mama, Dada, More, All gone, Papa, Nana, Krista (pronounced Kita), and Bye Bye! He also talks a lot of gibberish! Pretty soon he'll be talking in sentences and asking why??! I can't wait... well maybe I can... :) 
We sure love you Parker boy! (Doesn't he look like a stud in Mike's sunglasses??) :)


  1. Those sunglasses are ADORABLE on him! I could just squeeze him right now! I'm a little bummed he likes banana's, but I'll just work on him to LOATHE them! hehe! J/k... B/S (just kidding... but serious). I LOVE it when he says my name... what can I say, he loves me and I LOVE HIM!!

  2. He's a talkin' fool! And when they blow kisses....ohmygosh! Get ready for lots of bumps and bruises with him walking now! :)

    When do you find out what your having?

  3. I find out in a few weeks!!! I can not wait!!!

  4. He IS a stud! He just seemed to all of the sudden be so grown up! I love it when he says Nana, it's his favorite word... mine too!

  5. Adorable! That is a great 1 word to define Parker boy. It's now time to get serious about him saying MY name! Love you bud. ;)