Monday, October 4, 2010

Mischievous Boy

Have you been wondering where I've been lately? My mommy has been busy chasing me around the house! I can run really fast now you know (running to me means walking while breathing really hard!) My favorite things to do are opening doors, sticking my hand in the toilet, ripping up toilet paper as fast as I can, and getting into my mommy's stuff! I'm just trying to help her stay active so she can keep up with two kids pretty soon! 
 My mom and dad like to go on dates without me sometimes... I'm not so sure how I feel about that, I but I do like when I have fun babysitters to show off for! Great Aunt Kristie and Patty watched me so that mommy and daddy could go to a nice dinner for my daddy's birthday! We played peek-a-boo and watched Enchanted while they were gone so I didn't feel like I missed out too much. :)
 When they got home, me and daddy wrestled on the ground and then finished watching Enchanted together. I sure love my daddy!
 The next day, I decided to make a mess while eating my lunch so that they would have to bath me in the kitchen sink! I love taking baths!
 Splashing in the water and turning the water on and off is too much fun!
 Well, it was great catching up with you. Hope you will check back soon...
My mommy has a bunch more cute pictures to share! I mean, how can you resist this face? You know you want to squeeze my cheeks! 


  1. I just want to squeeze you to pieces!!! Is he really trying to RUN? That's so funny that he walks while breathing hard. Ha ha ha!

  2. Not only do I want to squeeze those cheeks I want to kiss them like crazy! I love you Parker boy!!!!! I also have a mischievous little boy that enjoys getting into the toilet water, tear up toilet paper quickly before mommy can stop him and I can't resist his face either. I'm getting more & more nervous for you and brayden are 2 because I know you are going to be mischievous times 2! Love you!

  3. Haha these pictures are adorable! I love how messy little kids eat. Do you think you guys are going to have another boy or girl?

  4. I go back and forth every day it seems like with whether it's a boy or girl! I really don't know with this one but I will honestly be excited either way. It would be fun for Parker to have a brother to play with but a girl would be fun to dress up! I'll let you know as soon as I find out in 2 weeks! Keep checking my blog to see...

  5. This is such a cute post! Oh and now I can gladly say that he DOES get into EVERYTHING! haha! I've witnessed a few of this mischievous acts! haha! LOVE HIM! Can't wait to see him today!!