Monday, November 8, 2010


My sister, Krista, made the most delicious ginger molasses cookies the other day! She gave Parker two cookies (because he's very spoiled over at his Nana and Papa's house if you haven't noticed!) He looked at her and signed for more (he knows a little sign language) and I told him "No Parker, you've already had two cookies. No more, okay Bubba?" :) Parker then disappeared for about two minutes and then casually walked back into my moms room holding another cookie! He had the funniest, most mischievous little grin on his face like "Ha ha! I got one all by myself!" We then couldn't help ourselves and started laughing so hard! We went into the kitchen to see how in the world he reached up onto the counter to get another cookie...
Don't let this innocent face fool you!
and this is what we found...
 You can't really tell, but the rack is hanging off of the counter! Luckily no cookies were ruined during his cookie stealing encounter (they were just too good to go to waste, I can see how he wanted another one!) 
And seriously, how could I get mad at this proud little boys face? 

I gave in and let him eat the cookie for working so hard to get it! You've got to admit that he's a pretty smart kid...  :)


  1. Boy those cookies look goooood!!!! You can't blame Parker for going to all that work!

  2. He is genius!!!! That was the funniest thing because he really didn't think he did anything wrong... he was just proud that he got it himself!

  3. I love that face. They get so proud of themselves!

  4. He is my nephew. ;) doing whatever it takes to get the sugar. I LOVE his proud face!

  5. Parker is a funny boy!! I say let's just give him EVERYTHING!!! haha! Or not... it was too cute how he worked to get his reward!! I LOVE that kid!! I want to kiss him right NOW!!! Tell him to come to Aunt Kita's right NOW!! hehehehehe!!

  6. Too funny! That boy has the best little faces ;)