Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Almost Pulled My Hair Out!

Yesterday was a rather...let's call it an "interesting" day. It started out not so good. Let me explain:
I went upstairs to take a quick three minute shower and left Parker downstairs (which I usually do) in front of Baby Einstein with his sippy cup to entertain him. He usually sits there and doesn't move a muscle while I'm gone. But I had a really strong feeling that he was getting into something... and boy was I right. I ran downstairs to find him standing in the kitchen, sucking on my toilet bowl brush!! It had clumps of wet toilet paper on it to make matters worse! Then, I looked in the bathroom, and he had strung toilet paper all over and the floor was soaked with toilet water! I about lost it! 
I chastised him, and told him that that was a BIG "NO NO!" And I quickly stripped him down to his diaper and washed his face and mouth! I took him upstairs to give bath him and finally got him and the bathroom clean! 

But... it gets even worse-- I let him play in the bath tub while I hurried and put some make up on in front of the mirror (granted I was standing two feet away from him.) He has this new thing where he likes to stand up and watch himself pee in the bath tub (must be a little boy thing, I don't know!) He can seriously make himself pee on command five to seven times while in the bath, pretty crazy I know. Well, it was about his fourth time trying to force the pee out and then he sat down. I noticed he was being very quiet... 
and to my dismay, he had used those lower "pushing muscles" so hard that he had pooped in the bath tub-- and he was playing with his poop!! Who is this kid?? He never pulls anything like this! So I had to wash him off again, and clean the whole bath tub! It was a lovely morning! 
After that, he made up for his naughtiness by being extra cute and cuddly and wanted me to read him books. It's a good thing he's so dang cute, because I was about to write Santa to give that little stinker a lump of coal for Christmas (not really, that would be too cruel!)
Come on, look at this face. How could I stay mad at him forever??
 I called my mom and asked "Why would he do this Mom?!" And her reply: "Because he's one." Oh yeah... I guess that's why. 

But, luckily my day got better after that. Thank heavens! We had our annual Christmas pajama party at my in-laws. So that made up for my crazy morning. I'll post pictures of that party later. Hope you're all having a happy Christmas season!


  1. Boys are disgusting! Michael comes up with all sorts of crazy things that make me want to pull my hair out too (and gag a little sometimes). We always, ALWAYS keep the potty lids down at our house, it's been a good deterent. But we were at a family party the other night, and Michael discovered how fun the toilet can be.

  2. Haha, I don't know if peeing in the tub is just for babies! Ethan's almost 4 now, and it's his favorite part of bath time. Gross. Glad you survived the day :) Sometimes things get so crazy all you can do is laugh.

  3. I'm sorry you had such a rough morning. I'm really glad Parker is so cute because I know it saved his life yesterday. ;) Parker be nice to mommy, soon enough you'll have partner in crime. ;)

  4. Oh, BOY!! What a fun morning you had.

  5. Now that is hilarious. Boys just like gross things! If it makes you feel any better I took Carter to the park the other day and second he got out of the car he picked up a dirty cigarette and tried to eat it. Lovely!

    PS: Can't wait to see your belly tomorrow...

  6. Oh Andrea, Parker sucked on a nasty cigarette when he was about 11 months old! I about died. We were at a restaurant with friends when it happened. We left shortly after that because I was done with the germs after that! ha ha! BOYS!! I can't wait to see you at Mimi's Christmas party tomorrow!

  7. I kind of gag every time I think about this experience. Nuff said..