Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Festivities

We took Parker to see the b-e-a-utiful Christmas lights (two times to be exact) this year. He oooed and aaaahed the entire time. It was so fun to see his fascination and excitement for the lights!
 The second time we took him was with my family. His Aunt Brianne was tickling him and making him laugh uncontrollably. He is loved by everyone around him!
 I love this picture of Parker and my Dad! They are definitely buddies. It's fun because he looks so much like my dads little boy pictures, and he definitely got his "teasing gene" too! He teases his mommy all the time now. When I ask him for a kiss-- he runs away and gives the wall a kiss and just laughs and laughs! Such a boy!
We got our classic Christmas family picture after church on Sunday. I actually did my hair in a cute side chignon for church (which I usually never take the time to do anything fancy with my hair these days) and it made me feel extra festive for some reason! :)
 Sunday night we went to my Aunt Kathy's house for our annual Steele Christmas party. Parker had fun playing pounding the piano with my cousins little girl, Emily.
 It really intrigues me that grown adults will do anything they have to to make a baby laugh... even if they have to stick orange slices in their mouths and jump up and down like lunatics! I'm guilty of it too-- I just wasn't in this exact scene.
 Parker especially had fun at the party because he got to eat nothing but two piggies in a blanket and then cookies! He knows how to get anything he wants with those big blue eyes I tell you!
We went over to my in-laws house and did our annual pajama party! The reason why we have random words on our shirts is because we all formed one of Trevor's favorite sayings and took a picture to send to him (he's on his mission in Florida right now.) We are out of order in this picture so it doesn't make sense, but aren't the p.j.'s adorable?
 Parker's were especially cute because his little built in booties are little reindeer! So cute!
 Kambri and Hadley wore matching red tutu's with their pajama's! It was adorable!
 Meredith and I had to document our growing pregnant bellies! I can't wait for our boys to be best buds!
 All of the Larsen girls!
 And the boys in their matching P.J.'s of course!
 I love this time of year! There is so much going on, and it feels like this month has flown by so fast!
Christmas Eve is tomorrow if you haven't realized that yet! Woo hoo! I can't wait!
Have a splendid and joyous Christmas everyone!


  1. I'm so bummed we didn't make the Temple lights this year, but they look beautiful! And I love your belly, you are such a beautiful pregnant lady! :)

  2. Merry Christmas!! We loved having you stay the night with us last night! Love all the pajama pics, everyone looks so cute... especially Parker, but I'm slightly prejudice. I love the last pic of him looking back at the tree, so adorable!

  3. I love it! All of it, especially Parker! I'm a little curious though What the phrase was that you spelled out for Trevor. ;) what else is there to say besides Parker is adorable. I loved how hard I had him laughing at the temple lights. It's amazing how much the laugh from a child heals & can just make everything better :)

  4. Merry Christmas! You are a radiant pregnant woman! Your tree looks beautiful.