Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I love Christmas!

Get ready for an overload of Christmas pictures!! 

We went to Steve's Mimi's house for her annual Christmas Eve Party. Every year, she has someone from each of her children's families share a Christmas thought or do some kind of game or skit.
Lori had the kids play "Elf, Elf, Santa" (instead of duck, duck, goose.) Parker felt pretty cool that he got to be included and play the game with all of the big kids!
Aunt Marilyn did the cutest skit with her grand-daughter/elf! It was simply adorable!
And of course Mimi stood up so graciously to thank everyone for coming. I want to be like her when I'm a grandma. She is such a wonderful lady.

Parker had fun opening up his Radio Flyer bicycle! It was his first present he opened this year and he loves it!
I am so relieved that he loves ADORES his new little cousin Hadley! At first, he wasn't so sure what to think of Steve and I holding any baby... he got just a bit jealous! But now, he sees her and says "Baby" while signing it at the same time. He touches her ever so gently and always makes sure she has her rhinestoned pacifier in her mouth at all times! It's so fun to see!
Carter and Parker had fun seeing each other again (they are only five days apart.)
That night, we slept over at my parents house and stayed in their travel trailer in the backyard. It was actually really fun to sleep in there because we felt like we were camping! Parker was enthralled when he woke up to see the fire (fake fire) in the fire place!
 Merry Christmas Bubba! (Notice the dried snot all over his face...)
 He laid on the ground next to his Papa and waited so patiently to start opening presents.
 Steve's morning hair is awesome. 'Nuff said.
 Gracie was excited to show off her new pet turtle that Santa brought her!
 I think Steve has a "Cuddle Me" sign on his forehead because every kid loves to cuddle up to him... and I don't blame them! He's just a like big, snuggly teddy bear! :)
 This was the best shot I could get of all of us opening our gifts. Notice my dad video taping us (we make fun of his video taping skills because I swear he would video tape the grass growing if he could... in fact he has probably done that before!) 
 Out of all the toys he got, Parker was interested in his cousins "Woody" (from Toy Story) toy! We'll have to get him one of those!
 He got a lap top
 And a sweet heavy duty dump truck!
 Steve caught him and my dad having a little quiet bonding moment outside. It was so cute that they snuck outside to enjoy the beautiful day and escape all of the chaos inside as we prepared breakfast for everyone.
 Then we headed over to Steve's parents to have another Christmas! Parker's Uncle McKay was so nice and set up his bike so that he could ride it when he arrived! Now that's a good uncle! Thanks McKay!

 It was such a fun day!
 The best part was when Steve surprised me with my new beach cruiser bike at the very end! I asked for just a cheap bike from Walmart. He has too good of taste to buy me anything that is "low quality." He got me a custom beach cruiser with gears, custom wheels and tires, and custom white leather handlebars and seat! I married a man of good taste!
 He loves me! He really loves me!! 
 Isn't she beautiful?? He bought a basket too, but we're going to return it and get a different one because it didn't work with the bike. Every time I pull into my garage and see it, I can't help but smile! I LOVE IT!!!
 We geared Parker up to go on a ride in my bike trailer. He didn't have a jacket, so my mother-in-law found one of Steve's old jackets from when he was a kid. Doesn't he look adorable?
We are so blessed to have such wonderful families who love and support and care about us. Christmas is such a fun time of year. The presents are fun, but my favorite party is spending time with family and friends and just enjoying each other while eating good food of course. I am so blessed. My cup truly runneth over with blessings!

I hope you all have a wonderful and happy New Year!


  1. We are ALL blessed to have each other! I love your sweet ride! Steve is very thoughtful and has awesome taste. The only thing I didn't like about Christmas was that it went too fast! ;D

  2. I am in love with that picture of your dad and Parker! That is so precious!

  3. I LOVE the jacket! haha! I also heart the bike! Good choice Steve. You sure do have good taste!

  4. We have almost matching bikes, we'll have to ride sometime. But, you need a basket! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  5. Awesome beach cruiser! Yup, Steve does have good taste. What a fun Christmas with so much family around.